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Das ist ein…


The possibilities of LEGO are endless. Millions of children, architects, artists, designers and other enthusiasts the world over have developed their talents through LEGO. Some of the results are on display in Das ist ein Hund, in De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal. Das ist ein Hund does not distinguish art from dilettantism. The main aim of the exhibition is to showcase how LEGO becomes putty in the hands of those it inspires.

Curated by Frank Hartman and Gyz La Rivière

Das ist ein Hund
You want to download the invitation? Go here!

Where do you have to go:

De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal
April 4th through May 31st 2004
Opening: Saturday April 3rd, 4 – 6 p.m.

Zusterstraat 7, Middelburg
Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday 1-5 p.m.
Information: +31 (0)118 . 65 22 00



World, get ready for some pure Musical Genius! Here are the DAVID GILMOUR GIRLS. Two angry young guys (also members of the almost legendary dutch rock sensation OIL) decided it was time for a new cosmopolitan attitude, that of the young hard-bodied intellectually up to date techno – rock – pop – punk – designer – artist – model – producer – musician – blah, blah… ‘All we need is a name funnier than anything else’ they must have thought, and they succeeded. Before they had a sort of non performing band called Beatnik L.I.O.N.S., but those guys never had a website. The DGG do, so do yourself a favor and go there.

Don’t forget to stop by their shop and get yourself an excellent DGG / ‘Alan’ (Vega) shirt / sweater / polo shirt (!) / or the bag displayed above…

HuMobisten and DGG are planning to put out a split 12″ record SOON!
(’round june/july 2004 or so…)



Because of all the mail and phonecalls we received from you people concerning the HOTTENTOTTENTENTENTENTOONSTELLING flyer, Here it is one more time. Boogie Woogie Belt, baby!

flyer made in cooperation with DJ CHANTELLE
pictures by the infamous TMN
painting by the infamous PT MNDRN

Art needs to go places


Sophia ‘Come Together’ Benefit, Off_Corso, Rotterdam, September 7th, 2003

‘Kunst moet rollen, een tweeluik’
(int. title: ‘Art needs to go places’, a duo piece)
2 x 30 cm. x 40 cm. / 2003

‘Art needs to go places’ is a piece consisting of both a drawing (Ready Bought
No. 002, originally titled ‘Margot’) made by Dutch female artist Sylvie Overheul
and this certificate (certificaat) which is here to tell you about this being a duo
piece and to congratualate you on the buying of our work. The HuMobisten once
bought ‘Margot’ after they saw it exposed in a Rotterdam bar and decided to
buy it. Now, they’ve made a new piece about the ‘buying and selling of art’
using that drawing. If you loose this certificate you still have an original Sylvie
Overheul drawing.

‘Art needs to go places’ is a piece the HuMobisten have made especially
for the ‘Come Together Auction’, a benefit for the ‘Sophia Kinderziekenhuis’
(Sophia Children’s hospital).

The HuMobisten bought their ‘Margot’ on january 14th, of the year 2002.
They’ve had it in their private collection ever since. It was never borrowed
for an exhibition and it is preserved well.

The HuMobisten paid 170,17 Euros (tax included) for it back then. Our work
(which included Sylvie’s) was auctioned for 190 Euros. Thank you for buying
this piece from us, let’s hope it will do the sick children some good.

Sincerely yours,

I am GO


Rotowns’ charming Saskia (Voloptuous and Delicious!) de Feyter asked me to participate on the ‘Illustrators R Go!’ programme she initiated over two years ago (or so). How could I refuse? You just don’t say no to a lady like her… The deal is that EVERYONE INTERESTED can participate in the making of Rotown posters. Pretty cool, eh!?!? (Sign up online for IRG!)

gerda havermouttong


These guys are the worst guys in the world.

Bart, Max & Jos (AKA De Driedrubbeledrim) turn words upside down, flip ’em over and create pointy new comedic stuff no one in the world understands but them and the selected few (amongst whom: me, naturally). One cannot say anything near these guys without it being raped by their built in auto-pilot-syntax-izer, which seems to rest not.

Herman Finkers vs. Tristan Tzara: 0 – 0 – 0

Find out if they are for you (or nay) by reading the following:

Hedenavond in Exelcis Deo:
One Two Theo danst de Horlepiep.
(Naakt natuurlijk)

“(…)dat is geschreven door Maurice Maeterlinck: M-A-E-T-E-R-L-I-N-C-K, die naam hoeven jullie niet te onthouden.” (p.s. Ik raak nu meteen met één vinger me teen aan.)



Some time ago I co-curated a show at mama (showroom for media and moving art, Rotterdam) called ‘Hottentottententen-tentoonstelling’ (november, 2002 – january 2003). They call it co-curated, but it basically comes down to whispering some of the right names in some of the right ears. Because of the shows’ theme ‘putting the craft back into craftsmanship’, we wanted to make a sort of late fourtees / early fiftees Jenever picture…

Unfortunately participants Robert Rosenau and Jan van Nuenen couldn’t make the shoot because of busyness. Present on the thing we* made anyhow (clockwise from upper left corner: Hidde van Schie, Vincent van Duin, GeeJee van der Akerboom and myself wearing the excellent Pipilotti Rist T-Shirt by 75b.

We didn’t know what to do with it, but taking the actual picture seemed more important than its purpose later. In the back you can see some of a fantastic ‘jungle’ painting by Hidde.

Turned out to be excellent log-material, eh?

*we didn’t make the picture, Rick Messemaker did. Thanks!



I went to Sofia last January. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. I really liked it over there. Hopefully I will be there again later this year.

I met this really nice guy over there. His name is Theodor Liho. Check his website: the eggs design studio.
Also nice organisations from Sofia are InterSpace and The Red House.
More about Sofia soon.

Das ist ein Hund


I went and stood up out of bed with no ‘system’ on my mind. I am really busy now with the exhibition ‘Das ist ein Hund’. Das ist ein Hund means ‘that is a dog’. The show is about the possibilities of LEGO. I will put more stuff about it on the HuMobisten website the upcoming days. The main aim of the exhibition is to showcase how LEGO becomes putty in the hands of those it inspires. For more details go to Das ist ein Hund.

The Real Deal


(Text from the official Vogel Visions DVD of HOW MAGIEL LA RIVIERE DID NOT BECOME KING OF FASHION (dutch title: MLR / portret van een ongekroonde modekoning) © HuMobisten 2002
Courtesy: Historisch Museum Rotterdam, 2003

Magiel La Rivière, born in the Rotterdam summer of ’69, dedicated his life to creating his own street style fashion. In the early eighties Magiel started making clothing in a quite unique style. Influenced by both his alltime superheroin Coco Chanel and the eclectic fashion of hip hop icons like Grandmaster Flash and later Erik B & Rakim.

His weird mixture of an upcoming (black) ‘hardcore’ culture, money, cocaine, jewelry, caviar and limos is heavily embraced in the R&B culture of the late ninetees and the now, but back then it was still kind of hard to sell.

Magiel speaks his thoughts on the fashion industry, (bad) luck, taste, his criminal background, his will to carry on and the friends that have supported him throughout his life. Success, however, is not for all of us. After setting up loads of shows by himself Magiel never got ‘picked up’ by the media or the international fashion world.

As part of a group exhibition on Rotterdam fashion, the HuMobisten made this short film about their ‘hero’ as a symbol of respect to a d.i.y. fashion artist who has the bad luck of having a too distinctive taste.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to put some movie clips online soon. As soon as they are we’ll let you know. In the meantime you have to use your imagination and the jpeg image above.