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The Society of the Spectacle


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We made this for WORM as part of their publicity. They organize a festival
about Guy Debord and the Situationists upcoming May in Las Palmas,
Rotterdam. The Situationists originated in a small band of avante-garde
artists and intellectuals influenced by Dada, Surrealism and Lettrism.

Under capitalism, the creativity of most people had become diverted and
stifled, and society had been divided into actors and spectators, producers
and consumers. The Situationists therefore wanted a different kind of
revolution: they wanted the imagination, not a group of men, to seize
power, and poetry and art to be made by all. Enough! they declared.
To hell with work, to hell with boredom! Create and construct an eternal festival.

Yasumasa Yonehara


This is Yonehara and me in his nighttime office in Tokyo. He is an editor, photographer and video artist. A wicked guy! He’s got a daytime and a nighttime office. He works 24 hours a day. Very
common in Tokyo. He gets about 5000 pictures a month in his postbox. Mostly of girls. After a selection he publishes the photos in books and in zines. Very smart guy. Here is some info in english.

And here he had an exhibition in showroom MAMA.

OUT NOW! On both CD and MP3!


The Solo Men Only, the band I play bass and occasionally sing in, has its first full length CD out! It’s called ‘Hot Shit!’ and it’s become a record we feel kind of proud about. It’s both available on CD and downloadable at! Also you can find the tourdates and stuff on there.

The artwork was made by two amazing friends. If you want to learn more about their work go here for Corné’s website and here to see what Pieter and his friends down at 75B have made these past few years. Thanks to everyone who came to our shows, made pictures or videos, cooked us meals, told their friends about us or just loved us… (now go download that mother!)

oh yeah, The Solo Men Only also have a new website, which you can find here.

Interview to a kill


Check us out at the Robodock festival. This was recorded by Rick Messemaker in September 2003. See the interview over here! Only in Dutch, but still funny for english viewers

De Vleeshal


The Corporate Identity of De Vleeshal and De Kabinetten of the Vleeshal is on
the one hand a pattern of V’s (Vleeshal) and K’s (Kabinetten), together they
kind of form M’s (Middelburg, the city where it’s at!). On the other hand it shows
a wave that can be water (Zeeland), wind (against the flow) and audio (rumor).
It is a business feel design thing. We tried to catch the doubleness of a modern
(avant-garde) art institute which lightly may refer to classic Blue Note, Saul
Bass and Wim Crouwel. We made this in the year 2001. Besides this we also
make educationfolders for every exhibition in De Vleeshal and we made their
not finished website

Man on the Moon


Johan Kleinjan made a drawing of us. He did that when we were in Porto.
I like his drawings. Mostly they are in black and white. One thing is for
sure that he draws a lot of automobiles. You can find a drawing of him in
each issue of the magazine krakatau and a bunch of others. Check his work
and his antistrot friends over here!

2 goofballs and 1 drummer


This was taken wednesday march 24, by reserve-Ken Yvonne. Since my band De Vogels (in the LINKS – section) usually practises on wednesdays it was a good opportunity to not practise for once and instead go out on a date together and be just completely overwhelmed by the drum’n'guitar terror of Hella (U.S. duo).

Hella rocked the fucking Slaakhouse, which is now also used by WORM, (mainly) a Rotterdam contemporary music organisation (and dito shop).

Here you can see Proberen and me surrounding a Real Drummer, man! that guy is really something else… You can probably download some MP3′s here, but that shit ain’t real. Go see them LIVE!!!


Das ist Me


Me putting the dogs together at the Kabinetten van de Vleeshal.
This week I will put more pictures from Das ist ein Hund online.



6000 LEGO bricks…