Monthly Archives: May 2004

Old Office


This was our good old office at the Robert Fruinstreet in Rotterdam. I really liked it over there… But things can’t last forever, I guess… (the standing guy with the blue sweater is Vincent van Duin)

We’re just a Vogel Threat


Next Thursday, de vogels kick out the Jams at WORM (at
Las Palmas w/ Solid To Process and possibly the Adolf
Weedlers). Be sure to be there: cheap jazz, cheap thrills,
cheap women. Info here. 5 euros / starts at 8.30 p.m.

Furthermore I would like to inform about a birthday party
called ‘from Hardcore 2 Hardcore – bier, bands & beuken’
You heard right: Cies, Max (both birthday boys), Bart &
myself will be doing 4 (four) genuine M.T. coversongs,
including the self-titled superfast sXe anthem. My o my…
Other (real) performances are: THE HANDS, NORTH (ex
Guiding Line members shaking more booty than ever!),
BRYAN FURY (LIVE), FFF and NEKTAR!!! If you’re into
LOUD!!! music, don’t miss out on that party… happening
next FRIDAY at ‘Nighttown Theater’ / 3 euros entrance,
9 p.m. – 5 a.m.

This Sunday!


This upcoming sunday a debate about: What is the influence of Situationism on the work of today’s artists? We will be in this discussion. So come to the happening at 15:00 in Las Palmas, Rotterdam! It costs 3 euro to get in. If you want to see more from the program of The society of the Spectacle festival, go here!

Kabinetten van de Vleeshal


Das ist ein Hund exhibition is still going on for one week. The show will close down on the 31st of May. This picture shows the 2nd room (of the 3 rooms) of the exhibition. The two projections are showing a kind of slide show with short films showing hundreds of LEGO creativity, possibilities, artworks and other crazyness. You can sit back and relax to see this program which has a duration of 30 minutes. If you count the two projections, you have a 60 minutes (all by LEGO!) program! So go there, now there is still a chance!

Red Star


When my friend Teddy and I walked through Sofia, we fell over this giant red star, somewhere in the middle of the city.

Teddy told me that this red star in the past was shining like a lighthouse on the parliament building. Isn’t it crazy that it now just lies somewhere… I would have taken it home…



I just came back from Bulgaria. I did two presentations over there. One in the National Art Academy in Sofia and one in a gallery in Dobrich. I had a really good time.

Also I’ve been in the cities Rousse and Varna.
Communism left their mark on everything. You just feel it.
It is like a brand, but far more insane…
I can’t really explain, because it is in the concrete.
Just watch the picture for a moment.

sign o’ the times


If you people haven’t seen the new Faithless video for the ‘mass destruction’ song, go here. Normally I don’t really like being told what to do (especially by singers) and I can’t really imagine someone who does (except maybe the hardcore sXe kids). But hey, The faithless have a point when they claim ‘a wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction’ and the video showing young pre-adolescents copying the terrible footage we see on the news on a daily basis, gives you the creeps. It’s reality, though. Thank you Faithless…



This weekend was a 110 percent legit typical Rotterdam weekend, Too much to do in too little time. Here’s the thing in less than 100 words:

Rotterdam Weekly Opening Party at Off_Corso, support the weekly, because we’ll need a mag like that! After that, time for some food, more drinks and all that jazz. Weekly staff and and friends (and me) went to this awful place called ZIN. A travel agency slash restaurant (I kid you not) packed with obnoxious student type idiots. Never mind, the food was kind of allright and some ppl. ate bloody impala.

Then it was time to pay buddy Niels Popkema and his buddy Simon Buijs (reprazent at picture above) a visit at Smallest Weekly Art opening space in the World ‘de Aanschouw’. If you’ve never been there, you shouldn’t call yourself a Rotterdammer (if that’s even a word).

All right, 100 words ain’t gonna be easy… wrapped up it’s like this: NOW&WOW looks great and that Smirnoff-Ice wall kicks fuckin ass!!! For all you theatre addicts: Proust III (‘De kant van Charlus’) is a three hour long piece about (bassically) the sign of the times (1890 – 1920) repeating itself in the now. interesting, yet bo-o-o-o-o-ring. Instead of Duende’s Art Dancing I chose to watch ‘Gangs of New York’, and fucking LIKED it, what is wrong with all you people saying Scorcese made a Hollywood Flick?

It’s brilliant. Except for Leo doing voice overs, there’s nothing wrong with it. Pretty Long, though… Anyway, went to the Duende sunday chill, saw nothing and conquered an immense headache. Afterwards dinner with the Krakatau posse, drinks with the die hards and time for bed. Hey, after that I was here, back in the ol’ office typing it all up for you. Yeah!

Our man in Sofia


Here’s a poster that was printed for a lecture on ‘HuMobism’ which Gyz is doing tomorrow at the National Art Academy of Sofia (Bulgaria). The photo that was used for this is one we took in between change overs at Ari/Ellie’s studio for the making of the ‘Come Closer and Ask me for a Dance’ cards.

We always thought it was dead funny, but seeing it now -surrounded in Bauhaus type design- ‘hilarious’ seems a better word. Break a leg out there, GZA!!!

(Thank you Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam)

Thank god I’m back…


If even 11 days on tour with some of your best friends is hard, imagine what 2 months in a van must be like. At one point I felt more like a circus bear than I ever felt before.

Fortunately there was plenty of really funny stuff around like the following adapted G.I. Joe short films by an artist called Fensler Film from the U.S. of A. (Let’s not forget there’s also occasional niceness coming from that evil place apart from just stupid presidents and evil corporations).

Check Fensler out here (if you can’t find it, try the video section. Before we give you a body massage!)