Monthly Archives: June 2004

tien pot grutten


My ‘tien pot grutten’ one-minute film is going to be broadcasted at
Salto television, A1, Amsterdam. ‘tien pot grutten’ is selected by
‘theoneminutes’. This very short film is shot in Geneve, Switzerland.
It’s about a guy who is mowing his lawn in front of his tent at a camp-site.
(It’s very funny) The soundtrack added on the film is ‘ieee mitten
menu nutt mix’ by the Legendary SpeedyJ.

Screenings at Salto television:

Thursday July 1st
Thursday July 15th
Thursday July 29th
(all between 23:00 to 0.00)

Nee Bobby


Luister en lach lekker mee!

Sonic Spocht


We are busy working on an audiosculpture for the exhibition
‘City City Bang Bang’ in Showroom mama in coop with the NAI.

On behalf of the surrealistic character of Lebbeus Woods work,
the HuMobisten decided to make an audiosculpture that lies between
a radio play, a regular radio show and a music piece. We’re gonna
modelling audio like clay. Modelling with clay is nothing else then putting
pieces of audio on pieces of audio and leaving other pieces of audio
out other pieces of audio.

In a certain way our sculpture tells as much about audio, as Lebbeus
Woods architecture tells about architecture, and facts like function
and form are rather themes then the object in view.
If such an audiosculpture actually has to be made is naturally the
next question. In the spirit of Woods, a schematic presentation and
an argument about sound would be enough. As a result it will give a
lot of thoughts to audio-experts.

Fortunately the HuMobisten are real workers. Out of curiosity, instead
of ‘on demand’ the HuMobisten will (with the help of J.S. Rozendaal)
make a piece that refers to the work of L. Woods, dealing with a
corrupted starting position and a moving monster.

reading krakatau’s Howl Special


The new krakatau is out now!
Join the club if you’re a dutchie.

You can wear Gyz now!


We have been working on a new clothingline for men.
It’s a new sideproject from the HuMobisten. Besides the
Gyz Line, there will be a Rufus as well in the future.

Short Notice


Nothing to do tonite? I don’t think so. At 7 (pm) the doors of the
’1800 square meters Lombardkade’ open for their first self titled
Film Festival. The action starts at 8.30 though. 113b will be there
for both fun and to perform live. The nuge (who lives there) will
not be there, because OIL plays the nighttown theatre alongside
their bestest norwegian buddies ‘the J.R. Ewing’. (starts at 10!)
I think I heard someone say Malkovich is opening for that show,
but I’m not sure… if you want to find out you shouldn’t wait for
the lombardkade film festival to end, because then you’ll probably
be too late.



Tomorrow from 23:00 we are playing some records till the early morning at the ‘HOWL’ release party. It is going to be DAMN good! So come to Nighttown Theatre, cause the entrance is free! And get yourself a new copy of the new released krakatau magazine.


Door het oog van… Frank Hanswijk


Here they are, the first photos of the first LLIK’s F.C. De Unie ‘European Championship Soccer Parties’. Yesterday was already really nice (as you can obviously see above) but next saturday will be even better. Also it really is recommended to RSVP, since yesterday was really sold out before the beginning of the show…

My great cousin Frank Hanswijk took the above displayed pictures, showing host Bruno G, guests Florentijn F and (freestyling below) De Klopdokter, DJ Hitmeister D and of course the audience both keeping up appearances and screaming at the top of their lungs and birthday boy Gyz and his lovely Channel. Thanks for coming everyone! (next: sat. 19th)



LLIK presents: ‘F.C. De Unie’, a new series of absurd and interesting European Championship Soccer Parties, hosted by soccer know-it-all and film student Bruno ‘Kiss me, I’m Italian’ Giuntoli.

Elegant guests, comic performances and adventurous DJ’s are bound to set this years’ Number one sports event on F.I.R.E.!!! Be there or be a sucker forever… Needless to mention there’s more info here…

Meanwhile in the Netherlands…


Just when I was in an optimistic mood and for whatever reason had the feeling everything would soon cool down and go back to ‘normal’ – whatever that may be – our good friend Rita Verdonk (dutch minister of immigration & integration) thought of a bogus plot. Her idea was to put vignettes on illegal aliens. That would make it really easy for the good guys to avoid those nasty new inhabitants. Fortunately, ex party members soon came to the rescue and explained that humanity had already tried literary labeling of certain groups of ‘other people’.

I guess it’s back to school for minister Verdonk, She’s got a lot of catching up to do…