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dit is de villa!


Director Mike Redman and editor / cameraman Victor Vroegindeweij thought
the HuMobisten could just be the artists they were looking for, for their show
Villa Achterbuurt! (the summer broadcasting of Villa Achterwerk, a children’s
programme for Dutch sundaymorning VPRO television). We’ve always seen
ourselves as ‘the artists from the achterbuurt’ (the hood), so we didn’t have
to think long about accepting this job. After a brief meeting at the production
, all we had to do was coming up with good screenplays on the
shows’ theme (which is ‘there are many ways of looking at things’).

We think we succeeded, but your first chance to find out how great we look
on screen is probably THIS NEXT SUNDAY! Although we’re not really sure,
we think it’s broadcasted this sunday somewhere between 9 and 11 (A.M.!!)
Time to set your alarm clocks, friends!

the one where I blew it…


FUCK IT! I wrote the best goddamn text on The Misfits (1961, John Huston)
here, but I fucking blew it and accidentaly pressed ‘previous page’ which made
that text disappear only to never appear again… Who said it’s only handy using
a web logged system such as ours. GRRRRR!!!@*&&%$%$#

Anyway… pleinbioscoop’s coming up… one of my favorite movies is playing…
blah blah blah… can’t tell you the whole story AGAIN… just go there and find
out… despair, misery, solitude… afterwards you’re breathless, sad, fucked up
basically… and so on… Marilyn beats EVERY OTHER actress performance
of her time… and other times, actually… here’s all the rest of the plein (free
cinematic outdoor fun, every summer, centre of Rotterdam) bioscoop dates…
bye, bye…

Oh yeah… it is indeed the mighty Choca (AKA de Magistraat van Gibraltar)
on the ‘artist impression’ up there… pictures of HuMobisten @ Villa Achterbuurt
are coming S!O!O!N! ok?

the season to be jelly…


Not much going on here… we’re taking some time off and Gyz even went
on sort of a european vacation. Well, if that but good goes! For the rest,
what was really cool was that I’ve been playing records yesterday with
my very own girlfriend (which was a whole lot of fun) and our friend Frank.
This all took place at Rotown on behalf of the birthday party Saskia
Feverdream was throwing in cooperation with the rest of the feverdreamers,
appropriately giving a really nice, party performance, lots of after dancing,
boozing and what have you… Of course everyone who’s someone was
present, except for this extraordinary guy… well, too bad for the rest of us.

You’re right, the photo above shows feverdream on a different occasion.
but what the hell…

Next week (also on a sunday) feverdream / mono side project (and as all
side projects are usually really interesting, so is this one) At No Bikini Beach
will be performing gratis at the same illustruous Rotown bar… go see them
before they come see you!

oh yeah… nearly forgot, this week I will also put some splendid pics of
our upcoming TV performance on this site… they’re camera stills, so all
Victor has to do now is mail me the pics we collected three weeks ago.
Don’t forget, every sunday morning in August (I think) there will be a new
episode of Tombrecht and De Vogel in the ‘Villa Achterbuurt’. get yer lazy
asses up early, people… it will be worth it!

Huis Sonneveld


You can listen to ‘Sonic Spocht IV’ at Huis Sonneveld in Rotterdam.
It’s located next to the NAI. Our audio-sculpture will be playing in
the house everyday till July 25th at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00 hrs.
And of course you can listen to ‘Sonic Spocht IV’ in the construction
of the ‘open stage’ 2012 Architects and De Ruimte made in Showroom
mama where there is no timetable. So you can listen to it over and over again.

photo’s: ©NAI

Sonic Spocht IV – Lebbeus Woodstock


Here you can see the Famous New York based architect Lebbeus Woods
surrounded by HuMobisten, celebrating the impact Lebbeus’ famous work
‘The Hermitage’ (1999) had (and still has) on both the city of Rotterdam
and, on a more personal level, on the HuMobisten.

Showroom mama and the National Institute for Architecture (NAi) invited
artists (Jan van Nuenen, The Cam Kong Collective, us) and architects (De
Ruimte and 2012 Architects) to reflect on the work and legacy of mister
Woods and (based on Woods’ theories) the ‘imaginary’ crisis area called
the city of Rotterdam.

Anyway, the HuMobisten made an audio-sculpture about all this good stuff
and called it ‘Sonic Spocht’ (AKA Sonic Spocht IV – Lebbeus Woodstock).
Here you can find the (4 minute version) radio-edit, but later this month
we will upload the entire 30 mins. and 24 sec. version onto this site, so
keep your eyes open for that one… (the 4 minute version is off line, sorry!)

Furthermore the HuMobisten would like to thank Jeroen S. Rozendaal for
his tremendous help on building the audio sculpture, without his patience,
superb vision (audio-wise) and imagination we could not have made it.
Check out his website, packed with hilarious and interesting sound clips,
links and tons of kick ass (mostly unheard) music…

Thanks also: Boris, Sander, Jeroen and Eric at mama, Jean-Paul at NAi,
Iris at Architectuurwerkplaats De Ruimte, our HuMobitches for taking a
holiday and let us work in peace and quiet, Vincent for letting us use his
equipment, all you fuckers that showed up at the opening to hear what
we had done exactly and most of all Lebbeus Woods himself for inspiration
and for working open minded, out of step with the world and for staying
angry and sharp.

(picture by Natasa Heydra, july 15 2004)

freedom of speech: the boundaries


I never thought this website was going to be so full of political messages and
posts, however the Dutch government seems to make it impossible to post stuff
every now and then, without mentioning at least one of the many ignorant or
conservative actions as a nice display of the growing an ongoing stupidity that
surrounds us. After arresting 2 members of the The Hague based DHC hiphop
crew because of threatening lyrics towards a Dutch politician, now they feel
the Frieslandic (northern Netherlands) posse of NNTTO (noord nederlands taal-
technisch offensief) have been harsh and cruel by comparing the dutch national
immigration Service with WWII german camp-leaders. This might not be correct,
but hey, NNTTO is an anti-racism unit and blunt statements have to be made
every now and then… especially when we are young and cannot use our anger
in a polite, constructive way. This is just what a democratic society is all about,
everybody… being able to use a fat marker instead of a fine liner every once
in a while.

Yet another fine example of the recent dutch Government missing the point…
By the way, Dutch readers, if you wanna laugh really hard, try and read the
following article in genuine ‘Fries’ (I think…) out loud! Funny!!!

Let Freedom Ring


Last Saturday, Koot (from Liquid Media aka SARU) and I did a VJ show
at the North Sea Jazz Festival. We did a show during the David S. Ware
, who builds his free improvisations. All the visuals during this gig
were inspired by John Coltrane. After that we did a show with Sa-Ra Creative
, consisting of Hip Hop, R&B and soul producers. But this show I didn’t
really like. Last but not least we really came through with Build an Ark. They
are from LA, and have a big collective of musicians of different race and age.
Our visuals really fit with their music. The images went from the Black Panthers
to Martin Luther King and from Jamaica to Africa. And so on and on.



The lovely Nadine Stijns & Nanna van Heest have launched their site.
Check out those girls. Join N&N now!

photo: ©2003, Frank Hanswijk, Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal

It’s a Gyz thing


Upcoming Saturday the 10th of July I will be playing some videos at
the North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague. I will be VJ-ing with the artists
Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Build an Ark and the David S. Ware Quartet.
It will happen in the Mondriaanzaal. The program in the Mondriaanzaal is
called: ‘Let Freedom ring’.

interventieteams niet binnenlaten!



Vrienden van ons lieten onlangs een gemeentelijk interventieteam in hun
huis binnen. Vanwege hun privacy laten we hun namen hier liever weg.
Hier een kort verslag van het onheil dat je kan overkomen wanneer je
een dergelijk team in je huis laat, terwijl dat dus helemaal niet HOEFT…

‘We kregen ineens gisteren een groep van 7 man over de vloer. (2 wijk-
agenten, iemand van de GGD (psycholoog), iemand van ENECO en
nog een paar waarvan niet duidelijk was waarvan ze kwamen. Kijken
of we een huurcontract hadden, een legitimatiebewijs, of we geen
schulden hebben, geen hennepkwekerij of iets dergelijks… Op zo’n
ongelooflijk onbeschofte manier.
Het is bedoeld, naar wat ik nu te weten ben gekomen, om de drugs-
panden enzo op te ruimen. Maar ze geven geen duidelijkheid over wie
er binnenkomen of wat ze precies komen doen.
Nu is onze gasmeter eruit gehaald omdat we geen vaste verbinding
hebben met de gaskachel, maar een buigbare slang. En, sinds een
nieuwe richtlijn die de loodgieter nog niet kende, is dat verboden. Nu
moeten we het opnieuw laten aansluiten door een erkende loodgieter,
wat ons minimaal 200 euro kost. EN dan moeten we nog wachten tot
ENECO die gasmeter weer terug komt zetten. In de tussentijd hebben
we dus geen gas.

Ik kan je echt uit de grond van mijn hart adviseren om ze niet binnen
te laten. Dat hoef je namelijk niet, zoals mij inmiddels is uitgelegd.
Jij krijgt ze waarschijnlijk ook nog langs!’

Doe er je voordeel mee…