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Kill the Flag


Almost a month ago I read in the Rotterdams Daily newspaper an article
about the Romanian flag at the international flagparade on the boulevard
Boompjes in Rotterdam. Some Union guy was walking with some Romanian
guests over the Boompjes the other day, and they saw the Romanian flag
waving next to all other nations. But it wasn’t the Romanian flag of today, but
the one with the weapon of Ceausescu. The Romanian visitors were stunned
about it, which is ofcourse logical. It’s strange that a flag like this waved in our
free Rotterdam a month ago. In these days I saw about 8 or 10 North Korean
flags waving on the Vaste Land. Really weird, especially from out of a car
position, and especially if you don’t know that there is an exhibition about North
Korea (The world according to Kim Jong II) at the Kunsthal located in that same
street. It’s funny that there is rumour about this Romanian flag, but not in the
case of the North Korea flags. It’s because they’re located at an art institution.
Of course it’s good that within art institutions there is freedom in general. But I
found it weird that I haven’t seen an article about these North Korean flags
waving up there.

Anyway I heard a story about our very popular Mayor in Rotterdam A.A. van
der Louw
(between the years 1974 and 1981), he raised a red flag once on our
town hall on the 1st of may. Of course our city has been socialist since I can
remember, but this went too far in the eyes of the public. He even put an
aureole at the tomb-stone of Mao.

I was really amazed by the exhibition about North Korea. I went there with
two Bulgarians, they ofcourse looked very different towards the posters and
paintings from the collection out of the city Pyongyang. Anyway, on my birthday
the 15th of June (in the year 2000) North Korea and South Korea signed an
agreement about sharing a represent flag at international maifestations. On the
poster on the right you’ll see an illustration which shows the affidavit between
Kim Jong II and Kim Dae Jung (South Korea) representing the agreement. In
the poster on the front you’ll see a North Korean man with a pin. and you’ll see
South Korea is represented by a student. And you’ll see a woman wearing a
traditional Korea outfit with a band around her arm with the text Korea is one!,
with a picture of the representing flag that will be used by international
manifestations, such as the past Olympics in Athens. It’s a blue silhouet of the
peninsula on a white field.

To finish this crazy flag vibe; I don’t really know, I think it has to do something
with the Olympics from the past weeks…

photo Romanian flag by Jaap Rozema/Rotterdams Dagblad
photos North Korean posters by Teddy Liho, Bulgaria



What a week last week has been. Apart from all the fresh new semi-religious or
cultural debates and disorder, Gyz went to the CA Seminar in Doorn (which was
about the multi cultural society) and hosted a workshop, I showed up a couple of
days later to jockey some discs at the final party! Feeew, those christians sure
can dance, I played records from 9 til’ 6 (in the night), got real drunk til 8 a.m.,
talked about jesus, spirits, pigs, life in general and the will to survive, slept for
two hours, had a huge breakfast and went home… Back home Ayaan H.A.
and Theo v. G. made a small film on morality and shocked the hell out of
everyone again. I didn’t see it, but I know it will be broadcasted again next
saturday in the afternoon. So if you don’t mind watching Joost Z. for three long
hours, check it out…

In case I forget, next wednesday there’s a party for everyone who’s not at all
intimidated by these horrific times and realises it’s only a matter of time before
everyone will love one another.
Anyway, admittance is only for those who study or have studied arts at the
Willem De Kooning Academy (Rotterdam) or those that somehow got on the
Knakendisco DJ guestlist, as ALL RKD DJ’s will be ‘performing’ at this (already)
legendary party. Indie rock kids will not be bored, because Rotterdam upcoming
cult superstars At No Bikini Beach will also perform there. Mind the unusual time
schedule! (starts at 20.00 (8 p.m.) ends at 1.00 (1 a.m.))

PS. Yes, that IS Aart-Jan de Geus (Dutch minister of social affairs) surrounded
by fine looking women in the lower right corner of the picture, bugging out to the
sound of Led Zeppelin! A truly weird world this is…

Berlin 1936


I bought this cigarette box in Sofia, Bulgaria. I thought everybody
is in the Olympic vibe, so I put it on the net. I mean, it’s so bizar
to see those two logo’s next to each other, don’t you think?

And for the really Olympic visionaries among us, take a look
which city in the future will bring the Olympics, haha…

skate and create


WATCH THE VIDEO! (Sorry, the video is temporary off line)

This video of my skateboarding past was part of an videoinstallation.
It had 9 videos in it. You can see here a photo of the installation. The
videoinstallation was part of the exhibition ‘This is the Flow’ at De Vleeshal,
Middelburg and was held in the summer of 2001. You can read an article
about it on I don’t know what I have but lately I am very
busy with my youth in my mind. I do’n’t know if you have seen DOGTOWN
but I started at the end of the film when the Bones Brigade
where taking over the world by storm. I was talking about Woei Tjin the
other day, but when I started skating in 1987 it was all about ‘The Search
For Animal Chin’, 1 year later I found Woei and David Tjin, accidentally?
The Search For Animal Chin is the most famous skate video in the history
of skateboarding. Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Mike McGill
and Tommy Guerrero search for the missing master, Animal Chin, who has
gone underground because the sport is getting too commercial. Filmed at the
peak of the Bones Brigade era in 1986/7 by Stacy Peralta, the original and
still the premier skate video maker in the world (he also made DOGTOWN
AND Z BOYS). Isn’t it ironic that the video is about the skateboarding sport
getting too commercial? I think Animal Chin has moved to an island for years
now. Because if he had seen how big skateboarding is today… pfoeeww he
would skate away…

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4

Lance Armstrong


Last Saturday I went to see the FFWD danceparade. I remember that (8, 7 and
6 years ago) in the beginning of the danceparade I also was dancing on a truck.
Good times! I was thinking which year was the best… But last saturday I
watched the parade on different places in the city, but there is a big gap now
between the dance(industry) and me. I don’t know why, but It just feels like
that. Later in the evening I went with my main fret Woei to see and hear DJ
Miss Monica in club Las Palmas. I always liked Miss Monica’s sound but about
6 years ago in 1998 she became very ill with Mononucleosis, and even worse,
she was diagnosed CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). She didn’t come out of
her house anymore. But in July 2003 she miraculously recovered from CFS and
can live life again. Now she started her comeback tour since february 2004.
She is the Lance Armstrong of the DJ’s in my opinion. Woei and I saw some old
friends. But here I also felt weird. I liked seeing Miss Monica behind the decks
for a while, but the audience reminded me of houseparties at the Danssalon.
Oeefghhh, Bummer! But then there was light, because Woei was kicked out at
02:00 by the guards of club Las Palmas, haha. I went to him to go to Nighttown.
That was killing! Nighttown was packed and had a good old vibe! Wow, I hope
they kan keep it this way… It would be good for that club. Strange day!



Wednesday night we have been VJ’ing from 00.00 till 05.00 hours in
club Woolloomooloo in Utrecht. It was a really busy and sweaty student
party. Oefghh it was hot out there. It was called Soapies Night and the
DJ’s Real el Canario and Ronald Molendijk were hussling with the music.
Rufus really likes to play with live video. I think a new VJ is born, haha.
Anyway afterwards we took the train back to Rotterdam, but it really took
very long before we were back in Rotterdam. It was about seven o’clock
in the morning when we were home, and we had to be at 08.30 at NEON
media for our make-up. We had to do a last shoot for VPRO’s Villa
Achterbuurt children TV. So finally I was home for a sleep at 2.30 (pm.)
Sjeee… it reminds me of old times…

save games


Art Economist, money-maker and almost Italian superstud Erik van
Loon (who has been really busy lately making an anti-fascist dance
piece) did it again. Right now he’s been working on the so called
‘save games’. I’m not really sure what it is, but I guess it’s not just
5 rubbers on top of each other… I mean ‘who hasn’t seen that one
before?’ Check out his website ikbendans (I am dance) for more
information on the work and other stuff he’s been making.
Sometimes he’s even funnier than we are, so one could say he’s
the only real competition around. Hopefully one isn’t going to say
that, though.



sorry, dutch for once…
Gisteren werd het Nederland toch helemaal duidelijk. Joost Zwagerman
moet weg bij Zomergasten. Grappig dat het duidelijk werd bij juist Theo
Maassen (die maar 4 jaar jonger is dan Zwagerman en overigens te gek
was als gast).

Joost Z.’s onzinnige pogingen een ingenieus gelaagd web, dat hij telkens
opnieuw als een soort ‘Sherlock Holmes van het onderbewuste’ probeerde
te distilleren uit de keuzes van Maassen werden steevast door Theo be-
antwoord met ‘nee’ of met ‘nee, dat vind ik niet opmerkelijk’. Heerlijk en
tenenkrommend tegelijk dus.

En dan te bedenken dat Joost Zwagerman pas nog een geweldig gedicht
over drugs scoren had in het vernieuwde Passionate Magazine. Geef ’em
een pen en hij is goed en ‘naar het punt’. (laten we wel zijn ‘vals licht’ en
‘gimmick’ waren toch groots…), geef ’em een interview-microfoon en hij
wordt een soort opa / leraar / michael zeeman-achtige generatie-kloven
bevestiger… tja.

Hier de derde strofe uit zijn geniale gedicht van onlangs (uit Passionate
mag. dus):

‘drugs weten hoe je een duivel uitdrijft
je bloedbaan maakt snel een pirouette
je voelt hoe je pik zich absurd verstijft
diep in je ziel wordt een licht aangezet’

Kijk, dat vind ik nou fijn. Zegt-ie op TV (live!) dat Theo Maassen ‘…Bill
Hicks voor ons heeft ontdekt…’. Daar krijg je toch gewoon enorme plaats-
vervangende schaamte van… Anyway, ARNOUD en ik denken dat Theo
van Gogh daar moet zitten. Wat vinden jullie?

Let’s get physical


You can listen to ‘Beste Barman’ by Tineke Speksneijder but covered and
sung by me with a nice intro by Mr. Brugman. Tineke is the barwoman
of Café de Schouw in Rotterdam. We put this song in our audio-sculpture
‘Sonic Spocht’ (AKA Sonic Spocht IV – Lebbeus Woodstock). You will laugh!,
if you can understand Dutch. If you want to listen to the entire 30 mins. and
24 sec. audio-sculpture then you have a problem, because we pull it off our
site. It’s to many mb’s. Sorry about that.

‘Beste Barman’ is off line, sorry!

It’s all in the family


I always liked to watch family TV series like The Jetsons, The Addams Family,
Family Ties, The Cosby show, The Nanny, Roseanne, Married with Children,
Full House, The Simpsons, The Osbournes, ALF and many more to name,
you know them. But I never thought when I watched those series that I
would be appearing in my own family show this quick. But I did. And it’s fun.