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From now on we have a new portfolio-website. It’s made by Tymen
. He did an internship at our office earlier this year. When we
were collecting all the material for it, we thought this was going to
be way too much work. But Tymen managed to do the job. So mad props
to him, and we wish him all the best with his final project on the academy
of arts. In the near future we will put more work on the portfolio website,
like an ‘exhibitions’ section for example. But you have to start somewhere
and aren’t websites supposed to be always ‘under construction’.

From now on there will be a direct link to the portfolio-section on the left.
Anyway, feel free to take a look.

And for the real freaks, you can also see a lot of new (or actually ‘old’)
mediapublications through the years at the recent media section. Also on
the left side on the weblog (downunder). I’ll put more of those on it soon.

the great big DJ in the sky


Got the Blues?


If you live in Rotterdam and often ride or drive thru the west side
you’ve probably already seen a block of 8 or 10 houses which are
painted all blue. I mean top to bottom, all the way blue, rooftop
and windows included. As you can see on the picture above it
makes these houses look like giant toys, which I think is the best
part of the work.

If you live in the neighbourhood (Rotterdam area) and haven’t seen
this ‘live’, don’t hesitate and go there. I’ve been standing there (on
de Beukelsdijk (near the Groothandelsgebouw – Weena) and just
simply smiled for half an hour.

The idiot savant responsible for this beautiful artwork is our very
own Florentijn Hofman. If you were on the first LLIK’s F.C. De Unie
you’ll recognize him as the guy sitting on the far right of this picture
(first from above). Here’s Florentijn’s website.

The pictures of this good stuff were probably made by the righteous
Rick Messemaker.



To stay in the field of friends memorabilia, here is Parra and me on
a birthday bash (just yesterday) of maurice aka ‘vrekje’. Maurice was
the director of the (already legend) film ‘Fret Click’. Here we are just
hangin out (like the Main Source album, you know!). Parra is an old
skate-friend of me. He makes a lot of nice graphics. Check him out.
But if you’re living in Holland, you probally already know his work.
This guy is a natural. He does what he does. And I like it that way.
It just flows…

photo: Woei (polaroid™) Tjin



Amie Dicke on the right, and me on the left. (1981, I think.)

I know this girl already since we were little… But in the last years
Amie Dicke is going off! Her work is most wanted. Check out her work!
I was just reading the Dazed and Confused magazine the other day, and
she had 5 or 6 pages review in that magazine. Her work is everywhere.
She always said to my mother (when she was little): I have still a lot to
learn! That was her quote, haha. But she did.

Amie Dicke has recently presented solo exhibitions at Peres Projects, Los
Angeles and Fries Museum, Buro Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Her work
has previously been seen in New York at D’Amelio Terras and John Connelly

And last but not least a 265 page illustrated catalogue titled Void is being
published by Artimo and will be available for sale this autumn.

Little girls grow big.

Van het Boekenfront


Some time ago colleague and friend to be Ernst W. (don’t forget to visit his—steadily growing yet rather nice— website) told me to read the book Ferdydurke by Witold Gombrowicz. He then passed me a copy of this (often translated) book to lend, and I started reading it. Although I’m not done readin’ yet, I guess it’s save to say it’s one of the best and most awkward books you’ll ever read.

It’s a 1939 book about a man who’s changing into to the person that other people have decided him to become, simply because they’re already seeing him as that person. The man is obviously not too sure of what he is, as he cannot escape their judgement while he’s looking for his true self. It’s just more convenient to become his own mask in a way. Terribly funny surreal beauty, baby! 100 years after Witold was born, here’s a Snij/HuMobist book tip you won’t regret reading.

As I found out just now, the book’s also been adapted for celluloid in a french/polish coproduction of a Jerzy Skolimowski (who I guess is, like Gombrowicz himself, Polish) film. I haven’t seen it, but there’s a quite nice review on the IMDb right here.



Within a week we will pull off the mp3 Sonic Spocht IV from our
website. So this is a reminder if you haven’t got it. So get it now
while you can. And have fun listening! The photo above was at the
opening of the show City City Bang Bang in (and around) showroom
mama which the audio sculpture (photo rufus.k head) was part of.

The photos above were taken by the lovely Jasper van de Made

last minute warning: 3 = 4!



thursday october 14th (tonight)
Arthouse Cinema and critic theatre Lantaren/Venster organised a double
concert for us humble Rotterdammers on location in:

1. Paradijskerk (near Rotown)
2. Nighttown Theatre
reservations go thru the Theater Lantaren/Venster box office
Costs: 9,95 or 7,95 euros (I guess depends on you having an L/V pass
or not) which might seem a lot of money, but in fact is certainly not
expensive at all.)

in Church:
Frederic Rzewski (U.S.A.)
playing recent parts from “The Road” (solo piano piece)
Paradijskerk, Nieuwe Binnenweg 25, Rotterdam
Starts at: 8.30

in Club:
Chicago Underground Trio (U.S.A.)
Tortoise members do what they do best, namely play electronic jazz
Nighttown Theatre, Westkruiskade 28, Rotterdam
Starts at: 10.00

MIND YOU, the Chicago Underground Trio are are really more of a
quartet type band now, they just didn’t feel like changing their name,
I guess. They also have nothing to do with Lester Bowie’s Chicago Art
Ensemble, apart from the fact that they’re all hailing from Chicago.

Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics), Chad Taylor (drums, vibes, percussion),
Noel Kupfersmith (bass, electronics), Jeff Parker (guitar).

I’m there, dude!


Meanwhile in the U.S.

For those of you who watched the ‘debate’ last night (like myself, yaaawn),
Hang in there brothers and sisters! I feel somehow we just might be saved
from the war maker after all… I didn’t really have high hopes for senator
Kerry, but I guess it was real obvious to see (even for Americans) which is
the horse to put your money on these days. I agree, there isn’t much to
choose. ‘you want the puppet on the left, or the puppet on the right’ (what
quote is that again?). On the other hand, I say ‘things are fucked up now,
time for some change!’.

If you’re an American citizen living in Florida, our friend Eelko Ferwerda
found you all a nice instruction video to help you get in the mood. Even
if you’re not from around there, click here, it’s quite funny!



Speaking in terms of dead, Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn ain’t dead at all.
Our friend and colleague Roel van Tour spotted him just a bit more than
a week ago in a magicshop in Bordeaux, France.

I met Pim Fortuyn once at a party in de Doelen. Back then he said to me
that I had to wear more tight trousers in the future. I did.



Dude! When surfing the far corners of the ocean called ‘the web’, I came
across these weird-ass pics. All I did was ‘google my own name’ for pics
and what did I get? A sort of Ebenezer Scrooge vibe!?! This can’t be good,
I feel like the time I predicted my appendix would explode…

Bye, everyone!