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1948 – 1984 – 2014


So many things are going through my mind right now, after seeing
this little forecast film. So many thoughts | have are represent
in this prognosis. I don’t want to say anything about what you’re
going to see if you click here, but I hope you will. So leave a comment.
The only thing I want say is this EPIC:


‘1984’ George Orwell

PS: thank you FRANK* for the tip through bieslog.

Gotta Give…


Sorry, the post of today is in Dutch.

Op zaterdag 27 november 2004 wordt om 16.00 uur de neon tekstregel
‘Geef niet om hem maar aan hem’ aan de Pauluskerk te Rotterdam onthuld
door dominee Hans Visser. Deze tekstregel van beeldend kunstenaar Jack
is een reactie op het repressieve beleid van de stad Rotterdam ten
aanzien van haar bedelaars.

Datum: 27 november 2004, 16.00 uur
Lokatie: Pauluskerk, Mauritsweg 20, Rotterdam
Met een openingswoord van dominee Visser.



Yo! I put all the mediapublications online (thanks to Nicole Martens for some
html tips and Meinhard Spoor for some assistance). It’s getting a big archive
so far. Feel free to take a look. There is plenty to read and see. It’s open 24
hours a day. It’s downunder at our weblog (on the left). Scroll through the
years 1997-2004 and have a laugh. Peace!

Song of the Year


VPRO 3voor12’s annual ‘Song of the Year’ election’s up and running. If you,
like me, feel nothing’s more fun than to fill out questionnaires only to never
check out the results, go here. As you can see Rotterdam indierock sensation
mono is also one of the options. And let’s be real ‘Song in a Song’ is truly a
wonderful song. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go here

What was also pretty surprising to —mainly— myself was the fact that my
other four choices became four bonafide hip hop tracks. Whoo-hee, that
De La Soul records so hot, I nearly well burnt my ears… If you don’t know
Duvel and you live in Rotterdam, you must be an idiot not to go to their
show upcoming saturday night (w/ Opgezwolle / Lantaren/Venster / 22.00
- 2.00 / 12,50).

This be a great moment to sign out just ‘Peace!’

Frank Hartman


Some months ago I curated a show together with Frank Hartman. It was
called ‘Das ist ein Hund’. Remember? Anyway, now and then Frank
helps me out a lot with some html questions (thanks, dude!). Check out
his weblog, it’s real funny and good. Tomorrow he will have a live-video
show together with Rickert van der Vlies and with Laurent Garnier
on stage in Nighttown. And last but not least this sunday he will do a gig
with Buck65 and Joe de Zwart at the National Phonographic festival.
And also check out his totally new website A Fertile Meme* (A unit of
cultural transmission). This Frank is Rockin’!



In 2001 Pieter Vos, Boris van Berkum, Stefan Tijs and us made a book
called Hard Pop. This publication was born out of shared passion and vision.
This format was found to express a common mentality. We asked 45 bloody-
minded people if they would make a contribution. Their story is Hard Pop.

We also made some spreads in Hard Pop. You can see and read it over
here. It’s called ‘everyone can Stop A Riot’. The link on the picture above
with ‘everyone can Stop A Riot’ are the gloves (this shit is for real, dude!).
If you read the text after a few minutes with your head 45º to the right, then
you also read on the end of the text that I am occasionally telling Indian stories
about my first pair of Nikes (size 1).

Well ironically enough those pair of Nikes which I have rebuild to rollerskates
when I was young are now exposed at an exhibition called Sneakers; fresh
still life
at the CBK in Rotterdam. I like sneakers in a way, especially that in
such short of time the whole world is taken over by sneakers. I mean 30
years ago almost nobody had sneakers on their feet when they were chilling
on the street. On the other hand if you know how those sneakers are made,
then it’s logical that people are taking some action, as you can see on the
picture above by Nick Cobbing.

So tonight the show about sneakers will be opened at 20:00. And you can
check it out till December 5th. Artists who are involved are Dave White, Tom
Langlands, Arvay Adams, Bill McMullen, Syndrome Studio, London Police, Mike
Ballezzi, Shiro Fu Jioka, Pisa73, Staplecrops, Lucky Dubs, Oase, Strawberry
Frog, Sis Josip, Fatoe, Parra, and many others.

first steps for making a bomb


If you want to make bombs, then you have to learn this first.
Download a MSX emulator for your OSX or Windows and then
follow up my instructions.

After downloading, type the following sentences:

20 SOUND 2,0:SOUND 1,5
30 SOUND 2,0:SOUND 3,13
40 SOUND 4,255:SOUND 5,15
50 SOUND 6,30:SOUND 7,0
60 SOUND 8,16:SOUND 9,16
70 SOUND 10,16:SOUND 11,0
80 SOUND 12,5:SOUND 13,0
90 FOR X=0 TO 30:NEXT X
100 SOUND 12,56:SOUND 13,0
110 END

Then type RUN and press ENTER. You got it!
This is the first step to be a terrorist.

To finish it up:

10 print “I follow the HuMobisten”
20 go to 10

(announcement: in BASIC ” is SHIFT\)

spiritual weekend


This weekend I saw the most amazing thing. I was chaperonin’ Dr. Auratheft
on a wild trip to Deventer, where he was enjoying the select elite of sonic
connaisseurs of ethnic, jazz and —most of all— pumpin’ DANCEHALL action
on the 4th J’ee-haw! matinée at artspace WILLIE in the beautiful IJsselhotel.

As I was minding my own business, drinking some tea, smokin’ some doobie,
readin’ some book, chillin’ the fuck out to some real nice sounds, sunlight and
sightseeing possibilities, I suddenly noticed this guy —who I later learned, is
the guy we all know best as the guy who’ll always come to everything in a
certain place— who got real happy when the first dancehall riddims reached
his cavities. This guy was in the music. I know, I just can tell when someone’s
in the music. And this guy was. Anyway, this guy (who was now REALLY in
the music and started playing the bongos who were, for some reason, situated
right behind the DJ. He didn’t stop playing the bongos til he’d been jamming
for exactly one-and-a-half hours to the ragga/dancehall vibe that Auratheft
had layed out for us. Although he clearly wasn’t a bongo player, he sure was
into music making.

Now here’s where it gets real sweet. As this guy (the guy with the bongos
in the picture) (duh…) began playing the bongos, his dog, who probably is
the sweetest dog in the world, quit his continuous walking around and walked
towards his master, stood still at about eight feet from him, sat down and just
stared at his friend as if he was thinking ‘I dunno exactly what you’re doin, but
you seem to be having a lot of fun, mister!’. Mind you that this dog just sat still
there and, seemingly impressed, watched his buddy for about twenty-five
minutes, without moving. I don’t know what came over me exactly, but I guess
it had something to do with the notion of ‘us being one’. I don’t know, it was
really nice.

Thanks for taking these nice pictures, Harco!

Ik, Jan Kenobi


Yesterday I went to the movies to see Der Untergang. And afterwards
when I came home I fell in a documentary about Bob Kennedy, the man
who wanted to change. I went to sleep. In the morning I saw the news.
The newsreporter told me that there was a Kurdish PKK bootcamp
in the Netherlands and today it has been disarmed.

I also was in a bootcamp some months ago. In Bulgaria. In earlier
posts on this website Rufus.K and I told you guys that I was there for a
HuMobisten presentation, but I lied. I was there in training, as you can
see above. You should be ready, I know I am.

the aftermath


Imagine being an anti-Bush, left wing, liberal, reasonably ok american
citizen who just found out their president is able to screw another four
years up, just because of unlawfully counted votes… Ouch! Devastated
people decided it was time to let the rest of the world know that they’re
very sorry about this elections’ scandalous outcome.

Wanna see desperate Americans? click right here.