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I’m afraid I’ve grown really old this year…


But now the days are short
I’m in the autumn of the year
and now I think of my life as vintage wine
from fine old kegs
From the brim to the dregs.
It poured sweet and clear.
It was a very good year

(I can’t help but loving Frank Sinatra)

By the way, if you have any idea what kegs,
brim and dregs are, feel free to leave that as
a comment…


PS. Thank you, Leon van Barneveld for the taking
and the sending of these fine looking pictures!




Check out 1 of our 1 minute productions we did for VPRO’s Villa Achter-
buurt kiddies television. It’s in Dutch language. Feel free to see.

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4

‘things end and then they begin again…’


The year 2004 is making Rotterdam history as the year of the breaking up
of numerous bands. I think Incense came first, then TSMO split up, then it
was Room 101’s turn and recently even Oil decided it was best for all of us
to stop trying and call it quits. As you might have also heard, Feverdream
had some problems of its own when their legendary bass player Saskia
had to leave the group to start her life without broken vans, endless touring,
smelly squats and what have you.

Anyway, the problem seemed the solution as Incense’s good ol’ Bart is now
the new Feverdream bass player and the rest of the mentioned leftovers are
doing fine in the weird but wonderful world of music making, a summary:

Room 101’s Wouter is now El Pino and the Volunteers’ drummer (and doing
one hell of a good job, too!), Arnaud is SOON releasing his first electronic
solo 12″, Jeroen kinda always was more of a solo artist, but apart from
numerous side projects he will soon start recording and engineering the
first Black Dog tracks (Bitches Acting Stoopid & Not So Down w/ Ingle-town),
produced by Dr. Drufus.

Vincent of TSMO is currently writing and arranging the best ‘de vogels’
material you’ve heard so far, besides that he’s also producing the upcoming
At No Bikini Beach e.p. (of which I’ve already heard some blasting tracks,
ACE!!!), he’s also doing occasional practising as guitar player for a new band
Remco and Bart of Incense started some time ago. Robert just bought himself
a new house and will probably never stop making music as long as he lives.

Marcel just recorded a new Das Oath e.p. which I’ve also heard already,
and I can only say about that, that it’s going to be as fresh as their recent
self titled album. Nicholas and the Nuge are temporarily out of jobs I guess,
things will work out for them soon, I hope. But the most successful dropouts
of the moment are without any doubt the David Gilmour Girls. Jasper and
Robin (ex Oil) surprised the industry with a 12″ on Relish you just have to
like. Everything’s great about it and since there’s a review online which says
it all, I won’t try and add anything to that and just lead you to this link, here.

I suppose they haven’t heard the last of us yet!
de vogel, december 2004

PS. Good luck and lots of fun to everyone involved!

Das ist ein video



If you missed the ‘Das ist ein Hund’ exhibition, feel free to see
the short registration video. If you want more info about the show,
go here. And if you want to read an article or a little interview
about it, you know what to do. Anyway, I love the bricks, Do you?

scaping land


This is Hidde van Schie’s website. He’s a tremendous painter, but he’s also
now editing —or rather fine-tuning— his first music album (more on that on
this website as soon as it’s finished). Hidde has a special feeling about the
entire so called art world and maybe, if I would try harder, I could see that
reflected in his work. But maybe that’s not even necessary. Let’s just say
Hidde’s the one who forced me into taking baby steps in my new life as an
aesthete. (Or was that the guy who made the nike swoosh?)

When visiting his site, note that the word ‘schilderijen’ means ‘paintings’
and that ‘tekeningen’ means ‘drawings’, you yankee scum!

Out there


MononoM, TDK, CYBX 010, KX, HPG, Zodiac Commune, Spiral Tribe, Plexat,
K9, S.K.R.E.A.M., Z-Bomb, WirWar, NSK, Desert Storm, Matika, Children of
the fluor forest, Sound Conspiracy, Circus Alien, NSK and many more
soundsystems to mention.

I always liked to go (through my academy years (1996-2000)) to these free
Tekno parties. It really influenced me a lot. It felt different from the regular
club circuit, in case of no admission and no closing hours. I felt this enormous
energy there, (how will I describe it?) that you can compare with old tribes,
something western society has forgotten. In a way like ‘let’s leave time in
general’. I found it really inspiring. On the other hand these TeknoNomads
or ‘skeggers’ are just as conservative as other youth cultures. That was the
main reason why I didn’t go anymore. Or it had something to do with drugs.
I just talked to my friend ‘++++’ the other day, he told me that he and his TDK
soundsystem had just held a free party in Berlin. Mostly when I went to these
parties I went alone or with ‘++++’. We were calling ourselves Forecaster A
and Z
(photo: Barbara Scharfe), haha… If you want to find out more about
this ‘scene’ check out the book ‘No System’ by Vinca Petersen, or Rotterdam
based book ’sonique village‘ and Oscar Verschuur who made the film ‘tekno with a k’ as their final graduation project at the Willem de Kooning academy. I also saw David V (one of the leading tekno DJ’s) on the bike the other day, I promised him a link on our site. This guy is funny, especially when you see him playing his records.



click here, if you want to see some of Theo’s 0605 video diaries.

Split Song Mpeg



To stay in the MONO vibe, check out this little video about The
Split Song Show
project. Recorded at the Et Cetera evening.
I just edited it some weeks ago. Hopefully you’ll like it.

Oh, What a Night!


Next Friday we (Mono, LLIK and WaterFront) planned this huge
Mono CD Release Party. Besides performances by today’s hottest
dutch artists (Voicst, The Hands, Ernst Walgenbach, David Gilmour
Girls, Mono and the blastmaster RFS1) there will be lots of dancing
and drinking to do… videos will play, battles will be fought, love
will be consumed and you can be a part of that, by simply showing
up round 9.30 (nighttime), pay eight bucks and get Mono’s debut
cd ‘No Can Dance’ for FREE! Certainly not a bad way to spend a
friday night, huh?!?

party boys
the infamous DGG
ritalin dealers
uncomfortably funny
where it’s at!
new home of the party boys