2 of the best T-shirts in the world


When (I think it was) SLAP magazine or Think skateboards came with the EMB
T-shirt, all of us skateboarders back then wanted to have that T-shirt. In the
early 90’s the EMB (Embarcadero) square in San Francisco was the Mekka of
skateboarding. All the best street pros were skating there. All the names of
our street heroes were on that shirt. You can see it (if you look real good) on
the picture above.

During those days in 1992 and 1993 you could find my friends and me (each
weekend) skating and chilling at the Amsterdam RAI square. That was our EMB!
The original Fret Click started there, haha. Also in those days some crazy zine
came to life with the name ‘Huphter’. I think it was Huphter and skateshop
Rodolfo’s that made the RAI T-shirt with respect to us. So instead of all our
‘skate’ heroes on the EMB T-shirt, our names were on that RAI T-shirt. Those
years were AWESOME!

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    fet, kep er ook nog 1 in de kast hangen.