Art needs to go places


Sophia ‘Come Together’ Benefit, Off_Corso, Rotterdam, September 7th, 2003

‘Kunst moet rollen, een tweeluik’
(int. title: ‘Art needs to go places’, a duo piece)
2 x 30 cm. x 40 cm. / 2003

‘Art needs to go places’ is a piece consisting of both a drawing (Ready Bought
No. 002, originally titled ‘Margot’) made by Dutch female artist Sylvie Overheul
and this certificate (certificaat) which is here to tell you about this being a duo
piece and to congratualate you on the buying of our work. The HuMobisten once
bought ‘Margot’ after they saw it exposed in a Rotterdam bar and decided to
buy it. Now, they’ve made a new piece about the ‘buying and selling of art’
using that drawing. If you loose this certificate you still have an original Sylvie
Overheul drawing.

‘Art needs to go places’ is a piece the HuMobisten have made especially
for the ‘Come Together Auction’, a benefit for the ‘Sophia Kinderziekenhuis’
(Sophia Children’s hospital).

The HuMobisten bought their ‘Margot’ on january 14th, of the year 2002.
They’ve had it in their private collection ever since. It was never borrowed
for an exhibition and it is preserved well.

The HuMobisten paid 170,17 Euros (tax included) for it back then. Our work
(which included Sylvie’s) was auctioned for 190 Euros. Thank you for buying
this piece from us, let’s hope it will do the sick children some good.

Sincerely yours,