Das ist ein Hund


I went and stood up out of bed with no ‘system’ on my mind. I am really busy now with the exhibition ‘Das ist ein Hund’. Das ist ein Hund means ‘that is a dog’. The show is about the possibilities of LEGO. I will put more stuff about it on the HuMobisten website the upcoming days. The main aim of the exhibition is to showcase how LEGO becomes putty in the hands of those it inspires. For more details go to Das ist ein Hund.

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    For all you Lego-fans out there follow


    to go directly to some Lego movies,



    for more Lego stuff.

    These guys say:
    “On these pages you will find various works of Lego customisation, subvertion, art, filmmaking and (most of all) timewasting by Tim Drage, Tony Mines and our fellow Legomaniacs! Hope you enjoy!”