World, get ready for some pure Musical Genius! Here are the DAVID GILMOUR GIRLS. Two angry young guys (also members of the almost legendary dutch rock sensation OIL) decided it was time for a new cosmopolitan attitude, that of the young hard-bodied intellectually up to date techno – rock – pop – punk – designer – artist – model – producer – musician – blah, blah… ‘All we need is a name funnier than anything else’ they must have thought, and they succeeded. Before they had a sort of non performing band called Beatnik L.I.O.N.S., but those guys never had a website. The DGG do, so do yourself a favor and go there.

Don’t forget to stop by their shop and get yourself an excellent DGG / ‘Alan’ (Vega) shirt / sweater / polo shirt (!) / or the bag displayed above…

HuMobisten and DGG are planning to put out a split 12″ record SOON!
(’round june/july 2004 or so…)