first steps for making a bomb


If you want to make bombs, then you have to learn this first.
Download a MSX emulator for your OSX or Windows and then
follow up my instructions.

After downloading, type the following sentences:

20 SOUND 2,0:SOUND 1,5
30 SOUND 2,0:SOUND 3,13
40 SOUND 4,255:SOUND 5,15
50 SOUND 6,30:SOUND 7,0
60 SOUND 8,16:SOUND 9,16
70 SOUND 10,16:SOUND 11,0
80 SOUND 12,5:SOUND 13,0
90 FOR X=0 TO 30:NEXT X
100 SOUND 12,56:SOUND 13,0
110 END

Then type RUN and press ENTER. You got it!
This is the first step to be a terrorist.

To finish it up:

10 print “I follow the HuMobisten”
20 go to 10

(announcement: in BASIC ” is SHIFT\)