gerda havermouttong


These guys are the worst guys in the world.

Bart, Max & Jos (AKA De Driedrubbeledrim) turn words upside down, flip ’em over and create pointy new comedic stuff no one in the world understands but them and the selected few (amongst whom: me, naturally). One cannot say anything near these guys without it being raped by their built in auto-pilot-syntax-izer, which seems to rest not.

Herman Finkers vs. Tristan Tzara: 0 – 0 – 0

Find out if they are for you (or nay) by reading the following:

Hedenavond in Exelcis Deo:
One Two Theo danst de Horlepiep.
(Naakt natuurlijk)

“(…)dat is geschreven door Maurice Maeterlinck: M-A-E-T-E-R-L-I-N-C-K, die naam hoeven jullie niet te onthouden.” (p.s. Ik raak nu meteen met één vinger me teen aan.)