Hold your breath


Tomorrow I’m doing a political allniter at De Melkweg (Amsterdam).
As a 1-time visitor of Happy Chaos I was forced to go to the so called
PRESIDENT’S NIGHT and the morning after presidential breakfast at
the stadsschouwburg. Allnite debate, satellite love, beer, Felix Rottenberg,
DJ Scratch, being in Amsterdam, drink, being with A’dam friends, plenty
of reasons to go I guess…

After seeing VPRO’s American Election Special yesterday, I kind of felt
bored with the whole thing. I mean, these American problems just don’t
really relate to us, Europeans. On the other hand, this country’s turning
into united state #54 little by little, yet more and more so every day.
Better know how to fight that by studying the source of all this ‘evil’.
Talking about that show, is it me or is Arnon ‘Woody’ Grunberg turning
into one of the coolest people in the world?

Get in the mood by watching a video of someone who was the coolest
guy in the world three years ago, here… See you wednesday!