Just say NO! to Franz Ferdinand


What do you do when an entire town seems to go to a show you’re not really in the mood for. If you’re lucky your good friend Niels (DJ Postrock) takes you with him to the quiet town of Tilburg to rock out to the sound of Oneida (from Brooklyn, NY). Happened to me last friday, but because of all the good skateboard movie fun I totally forgot (dude!). Here’s a picture of them I found online somewhere. Their most recent album ‘secret wars’ came out on Rough Trade, holds 8 songs and is A REAL GOOD RECORD. References: Stoner/Kraut/Minimal/IndieRock/Punkrock/Experimental. Or, if you’re more into vibes instead of labels: awkward/restless/angry/melancholic/bitter/insane/ironic.
well, that’s that. It was a fun night.


  1. niels
    Posted March 10, 2004 at 12:53 pm | Permalink

    ik vond het ook gezellig… en goed!

  2. fem
    Posted March 10, 2004 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

    Oneida was heel fijn als voorprogramma van Stereolab… en tegen Franz Ferdinand zeg ik helemaal geen nee. gewoon een lekker dansbaar plaatje van jongens in te strakke broeken, niks meer niks minder.