Look no further


Just when you think you had it figured out, a hell of a jazz
flick is re-issued on DVD!

for the billionth time last september, I figured ‘Charlie M. is the
greatest jazz musician that ever lived, period. Some time later,
me and some friends watched my (video) copy of ‘Straight, No
Chaser’ a film portrait of Thelonious ‘Sphere’ Monk. After seeing
it again, I could do nothing but adjust my prior statement…

Packed w/ brilliant Monk one liners, beautifully shot in lucid black
and white colors, nicely put together, co-produced by Dirty Harry
and, ladies and gents, All That Jazz! Monk absolutely was something
else. The percussive way he played the piano nicely displays the
groovy, magic sense of rhythm Thelonious had. The moment you
want to rewind and rewind and eventually buy the DVD for, is the
one where Thelonious and the octet do Europe. After a slow start
(Thelonious refused to supply the band members their music on
paper until’ INSIDE the plain) the band kicked out the Jams in
our lovely continent. The nonet (starring Phil Woods of all people)
perform at a (creative) level I’ve never heard any other group of
people do before or after. Besides this (or maybe because of this)
they embody the spirit of Thelonious’ music as it should be.
Dangerous, upset, loud and razor sharp.

If you live in a complete Thelonious-less world, try and buy (or
of course download) this record.

Needless to say you shouldn’t forget to watch the movie…