Out there


MononoM, TDK, CYBX 010, KX, HPG, Zodiac Commune, Spiral Tribe, Plexat,
K9, S.K.R.E.A.M., Z-Bomb, WirWar, NSK, Desert Storm, Matika, Children of
the fluor forest, Sound Conspiracy, Circus Alien, NSK and many more
soundsystems to mention.

I always liked to go (through my academy years (1996-2000)) to these free
Tekno parties. It really influenced me a lot. It felt different from the regular
club circuit, in case of no admission and no closing hours. I felt this enormous
energy there, (how will I describe it?) that you can compare with old tribes,
something western society has forgotten. In a way like ‘let’s leave time in
general’. I found it really inspiring. On the other hand these TeknoNomads
or ‘skeggers’ are just as conservative as other youth cultures. That was the
main reason why I didn’t go anymore. Or it had something to do with drugs.
I just talked to my friend ‘++++’ the other day, he told me that he and his TDK
soundsystem had just held a free party in Berlin. Mostly when I went to these
parties I went alone or with ‘++++’. We were calling ourselves Forecaster A
and Z
(photo: Barbara Scharfe), haha… If you want to find out more about
this ‘scene’ check out the book ‘No System’ by Vinca Petersen, or Rotterdam
based book ’sonique village‘ and Oscar Verschuur who made the film ‘tekno with a k’ as their final graduation project at the Willem de Kooning academy. I also saw David V (one of the leading tekno DJ’s) on the bike the other day, I promised him a link on our site. This guy is funny, especially when you see him playing his records.


  1. Max
    Posted December 13, 2004 at 11:50 am | Permalink

    Wat een mooie beschrijving van die sfeer. Vooral op de Teknivals in Tsjechië en Frankrijk. Wat een gekkehuis! Wat een vrijheid! RUSTIG!! Ik had trouwens wel precies de zelfde rede om niet meer te gaan.
    En om het rijtje voort te zetten …Xinix, AA, Duracell, ZMK….
    Ik stuur nog een foto naar Rufus voor jou.

  2. Gyz La Riviere
    Posted December 15, 2004 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

    Hey Max, bedankt voor het compliment, haha…
    Ik wil er nog steeds een installatie over maken.
    Ik koester het heel erg, waarom weet ik niet.
    Maar dat is alleen maar een mooie rede om er
    een werk over te maken.