In 2001 Pieter Vos, Boris van Berkum, Stefan Tijs and us made a book
called Hard Pop. This publication was born out of shared passion and vision.
This format was found to express a common mentality. We asked 45 bloody-
minded people if they would make a contribution. Their story is Hard Pop.

We also made some spreads in Hard Pop. You can see and read it over
here. It’s called ‘everyone can Stop A Riot’. The link on the picture above
with ‘everyone can Stop A Riot’ are the gloves (this shit is for real, dude!).
If you read the text after a few minutes with your head 45º to the right, then
you also read on the end of the text that I am occasionally telling Indian stories
about my first pair of Nikes (size 1).

Well ironically enough those pair of Nikes which I have rebuild to rollerskates
when I was young are now exposed at an exhibition called Sneakers; fresh
still life
at the CBK in Rotterdam. I like sneakers in a way, especially that in
such short of time the whole world is taken over by sneakers. I mean 30
years ago almost nobody had sneakers on their feet when they were chilling
on the street. On the other hand if you know how those sneakers are made,
then it’s logical that people are taking some action, as you can see on the
picture above by Nick Cobbing.

So tonight the show about sneakers will be opened at 20:00. And you can
check it out till December 5th. Artists who are involved are Dave White, Tom
Langlands, Arvay Adams, Bill McMullen, Syndrome Studio, London Police, Mike
Ballezzi, Shiro Fu Jioka, Pisa73, Staplecrops, Lucky Dubs, Oase, Strawberry
Frog, Sis Josip, Fatoe, Parra, and many others.