This was the e-invitation we sent our friends and email-listing to let them know there was a screening in Rotown* (Rotterdam) of our new short film called Echte Liefde (int. title: True Love / out now on DVD on the Vogel Visions Label). Anyway, the images are shot on a graduation party at my old school. I had graduated long before the film was shot and was there kind of by accident. he he… It was M.A.Y.H.E.M. people. Life’s great when you’re young and dumb and that’s just what your friends the HuMobisten wanted to show you in this particular film. Let us know if you want to order a copy or, if you are in less a hurry, wait for the HuMobisten Compilation DVD ‘8 Super Films’, which will hopefully be released this year and will definately hold lots and lots of special features and never-before-seen-footage, YEAH!!!

*as part of an International Film Festival counter-programme, 2001.