Sonic Spocht IV – Lebbeus Woodstock


Here you can see the Famous New York based architect Lebbeus Woods
surrounded by HuMobisten, celebrating the impact Lebbeus’ famous work
‘The Hermitage’ (1999) had (and still has) on both the city of Rotterdam
and, on a more personal level, on the HuMobisten.

Showroom mama and the National Institute for Architecture (NAi) invited
artists (Jan van Nuenen, The Cam Kong Collective, us) and architects (De
Ruimte and 2012 Architects) to reflect on the work and legacy of mister
Woods and (based on Woods’ theories) the ‘imaginary’ crisis area called
the city of Rotterdam.

Anyway, the HuMobisten made an audio-sculpture about all this good stuff
and called it ‘Sonic Spocht’ (AKA Sonic Spocht IV – Lebbeus Woodstock).
Here you can find the (4 minute version) radio-edit, but later this month
we will upload the entire 30 mins. and 24 sec. version onto this site, so
keep your eyes open for that one… (the 4 minute version is off line, sorry!)

Furthermore the HuMobisten would like to thank Jeroen S. Rozendaal for
his tremendous help on building the audio sculpture, without his patience,
superb vision (audio-wise) and imagination we could not have made it.
Check out his website, packed with hilarious and interesting sound clips,
links and tons of kick ass (mostly unheard) music…

Thanks also: Boris, Sander, Jeroen and Eric at mama, Jean-Paul at NAi,
Iris at Architectuurwerkplaats De Ruimte, our HuMobitches for taking a
holiday and let us work in peace and quiet, Vincent for letting us use his
equipment, all you fuckers that showed up at the opening to hear what
we had done exactly and most of all Lebbeus Woods himself for inspiration
and for working open minded, out of step with the world and for staying
angry and sharp.

(picture by Natasa Heydra, july 15 2004)

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  1. Posted July 19, 2004 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    hey gyz you look like micheal jackson
    in paris during his GiantsforMigets tour!
    maar dat zal de angle wel zijn

    voor de rest draait sonic spocht hier fijn in showroom
    mama! dus wederom dank, pleasure to work with you en doe die vogel de groeten x boris