Participating in a group show is never easy. It’s especially hard when the idea of the exhibition is ‘work together in the same space for about a month and be influenced by the other’. My oh my… After no one really showed up or was even planning to be influenced by someone other but themselves, I started writing little articles about my colleagues and left out all politeness. Politeness is often used in the weird world of art(ists) to be sure of return compliments. Anyway, I put those articles on the wall and waited for the shit to hit the fan. Finally some of my co-workers were getting the hang of it and started actually writing stuff all over my ‘art’. Later, when the exhibition was over, I came by to pick up my papers only to find out someone had already taken my work off the wall and claimed to have ‘lost it’. Probably threw it the fuck away. Ha ha… Funny artists. Initiated by Saminte Ekeland and Rolf den Dunnen. Other participating artists: Roel Meelkop, Johan Kleinjan, Boris Pas, Bas Zoontjens and others.

photo (detail): Rob Severijnen