The Corporate Eye™


from Porto with Love

In the near future, Gyz and myself will put some of the work we did lately on this new website. Since we haven’t been putting ‘recent’ work on the web since two –or more– years, now’s the time to come out of our digital closet and spread our stuff…

Here’s two pictures of an instalation called ‘The Corporate Eye™ / Quadro Amarelo’. Or, if you’re a Dutch visitor, ‘De Corporate Kijk-ervaring / Quadro Amarelo’. As it was built in Maus Habitos*, Porto (Portugal). A really cool art-bar-music-space where we’ve been staying during the entire month of may, 2003. Check: Maus Habitos

*as part of the group thing ‘Trans_Habitos from Rotterdam / MORGEN’
(more pictures soon) photo: Frank Hanswijk

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  1. Posted February 26, 2004 at 8:04 pm | Permalink

    strak plekje, er wordt geld verdiend dat kEn niet anders.
    site is spannend en informatief

    dit was het weer heren de groeten