The Real Deal


(Text from the official Vogel Visions DVD of HOW MAGIEL LA RIVIERE DID NOT BECOME KING OF FASHION (dutch title: MLR / portret van een ongekroonde modekoning) © HuMobisten 2002
Courtesy: Historisch Museum Rotterdam, 2003

Magiel La Rivière, born in the Rotterdam summer of ’69, dedicated his life to creating his own street style fashion. In the early eighties Magiel started making clothing in a quite unique style. Influenced by both his alltime superheroin Coco Chanel and the eclectic fashion of hip hop icons like Grandmaster Flash and later Erik B & Rakim.

His weird mixture of an upcoming (black) ‘hardcore’ culture, money, cocaine, jewelry, caviar and limos is heavily embraced in the R&B culture of the late ninetees and the now, but back then it was still kind of hard to sell.

Magiel speaks his thoughts on the fashion industry, (bad) luck, taste, his criminal background, his will to carry on and the friends that have supported him throughout his life. Success, however, is not for all of us. After setting up loads of shows by himself Magiel never got ‘picked up’ by the media or the international fashion world.

As part of a group exhibition on Rotterdam fashion, the HuMobisten made this short film about their ‘hero’ as a symbol of respect to a d.i.y. fashion artist who has the bad luck of having a too distinctive taste.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to put some movie clips online soon. As soon as they are we’ll let you know. In the meantime you have to use your imagination and the jpeg image above.

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