The trailerpark of Gyz La Rivière


This DVD of my (video)work is just finished and brought to you by Vogel Visions Inc. Soon I will put some videomaterial online… Read what my buddy Rufus.K had to say about it:

In the compilation DVD you’re about to see (If you want a copy), Gyz La Rivière takes you with him into the beautiful, versatile world of the VHS age on the one side, and on a journey through his carreer on the other. By doing so, Gyz is showing that one cannot understand his work without understanding the aestethics of the ‘horizontal screen line’, the 25-frames-per-sec. rate or the 3:4 aspect ratio he loves so much. On top of this, he managed to make such an interesting moody promo that it’s not just good fun to watch it if you’re some kind of museum curator. It’s also a document hailing the first MTV era and the early skateboard videos like ‘Public Domain’ or ‘Ban This’.

Over 40 minutes of pure fun, this DVD offers all the highlights of Gyz videotic experimentation, registrations of performances and installations, never before seen promo-material of the ‘This is The Flow’ show (with Spannish comment!), which Gyz made in cooperation with Robert Rosenau and the Girl Skateboard Co., a look back at the infamous Knakendisco nights, his first full blown exhibition on the classic video game system, live VJ sets, some never before seen HuMobisten material, shots of the legendary INGSOC shop and the list goes on and on and on. Let’s waste no more time. Go and check out the promo ‘tape’ of a guy totally devoted to making serious amounts of awesome moments in video history.

Rufus.K (colleague)
(and friend)