Amie Dicke on the right, and me on the left. (1981, I think.)

I know this girl already since we were little… But in the last years
Amie Dicke is going off! Her work is most wanted. Check out her work!
I was just reading the Dazed and Confused magazine the other day, and
she had 5 or 6 pages review in that magazine. Her work is everywhere.
She always said to my mother (when she was little): I have still a lot to
learn! That was her quote, haha. But she did.

Amie Dicke has recently presented solo exhibitions at Peres Projects, Los
Angeles and Fries Museum, Buro Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Her work
has previously been seen in New York at D’Amelio Terras and John Connelly

And last but not least a 265 page illustrated catalogue titled Void is being
published by Artimo and will be available for sale this autumn.

Little girls grow big.

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