Wednesday night we have been VJ’ing from 00.00 till 05.00 hours in
club Woolloomooloo in Utrecht. It was a really busy and sweaty student
party. Oefghh it was hot out there. It was called Soapies Night and the
DJ’s Real el Canario and Ronald Molendijk were hussling with the music.
Rufus really likes to play with live video. I think a new VJ is born, haha.
Anyway afterwards we took the train back to Rotterdam, but it really took
very long before we were back in Rotterdam. It was about seven o’clock
in the morning when we were home, and we had to be at 08.30 at NEON
media for our make-up. We had to do a last shoot for VPRO’s Villa
Achterbuurt children TV. So finally I was home for a sleep at 2.30 (pm.)
Sjeee… it reminds me of old times…