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Another one buys the dust



Hey Folks,

Here a funny video registration about an old project of ours. It’s called
‘iedereen kan Consuminderen’ (everyone can Consume-Less). We did
that on November 23rd in the crazy year 2001. If you click here, you can
read a little story about it. But the video explains itself.

I did an edit in 2002 which nobody has ever seen, but now I re-edit it,
and it just has been finished. Hopefully, you’ll like it.

Thank you: Natasa Heydra, Frank Hanswijk, Meinhard Spoor & Ruuf.

Bye, bye! beautiful boys…


As I told you fellas earlier, oil —one of my favourite dutch bands— split up
recently. I used to go on tour with them quite some times as t-shirt vendor
and sort of as the friend that kept the group together. I went touring with
these guys three times in total. Once, we went to the UK, where we met
Andy and became friends of Andy. Then there was the time we went on a
sort of scandinavian tour (which sounds better than it actually was, let me
—the guy sleeping in the van somewhere near the polar circle at minus
fifteen— assure you of that!) And finally, the best of tours (where I took
the above displayed pictures) when we went thru the warm parts of Europe.
Sorry again for my ‘short cut’ through the Pyrenees, Peter. (Remember that
weird dog!?!)

Our beloved Nuge wasn’t even a member back then. Back then it was:
Nicholas, Jasper, Peter, Marcel and Robin. (the original line-up was quite
different, but I guess in retrospect THAT was the official Oil line-up.)

Seen clockwise from upper left corner:
Jasper (St. Tropez); Marcel (waking up at a Park Platz, Austria); just
another Raststätte; Robin (just being young and lusty); rear view window
(for some reason you start doing that shit when you’re in a van 24/7 for
two weeks); Marcel and Robin (Barcelona); Oil (St. Tropez).

Like a Forrest…


You can see and listen to the introduction (in Quicktime, and in Dutch!)
by the principal Richard E. Ouwerkerk. (the video is off line, sorry!)
(the old hockey coach of Rufus.K (really, laughter!))

My girl, my girl… talking about my girl…
Nicole Martens makes me so proud! Yesterday she got her diploma.
Here is little inside knowledge about her final project:

Environmentpropaganda and conscience-adevertisement, behavioural
science and emotions. Nothing seems to escape Nicole’s attention.

On a very own and special way, Nicole did her research about the relations
between nature and visual image. The result is a fascinating own book
full of contrary connections and crossovers, which results in a very visual
and methodical piece.

She studied on the same time Graphic – and Audio-Visual Design.

Everything in this graduation project challenge the viewer to hear, see and
be silent, therefore homage!

Not only did she pass the graduation succesfull, but managed to do it:

The HuMobisten wish her all the best with her work the upcoming years!

PS: Rob aka Borrie from 113B has also graduated Cum Laude, hurray for
him as well!

And something else: Check out a new HuMobisten publication in the Yoko
Eno magazine which just came out. The story is 2 years old already…
And we just found out that something happened in Santiago, Chile in the
year 2003.

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4

more signs of the times


No JSF! (Joint Strike Fighter) says this coin sticker. I got it in the supermarket
as change. It made me feel somehow melancholic ’cause it made me think of
Holland during the cold war (early eighties). Images of ‘Ban de Bom!’ (No
Atom Bomb!) signs and demonstrations and me listening to family arguments
about ‘the russians’ and ‘the americans’ from behind the couch, while enjoying
my new Playmobil™ pirate ship. Oh well, Reagan got shot at, Gorby was out for
peace and all seemed settled before you could say ‘perestrojka’. When times
are fucked there seem to be more of these underground voices making it all
the way to the real world (i.e. my wallet). According to a tv show I’ve seen
yesterday, freedom means: living in a society where equality and non-equality
exist side by side. I don’t know, but that seems like the kind of truth that makes
a person laugh at this idiot NO JSF! sticker and at the same time believe in its
naive sincerity.

Wie is van der Graaf?


If you feel like a vogel tomorrow, you should come to de vogels’ Willem Ruis
Generator show! Somewhere near Amsterdam, somewhere ’round 11 pm.

How do!


I love you Spike


I just have spoken to Kasper van Lierop the other day, and he gave me
this picture of Woei, Mike de Geus (aka Spike) and me (In between). This
picture is taken in 1995 by Parra. I was stoked to see this picture, because
(I think) it’s the only one where Mike de Geus and me are on together. So
it is very special for me. We skated, chilled, smoked and played videogames
a lot together. Mike de Geus killed himself 5 years ago. I don’t know if you
knew him, but he was the best skateboarder Holland ever had and will have.
Rest In Peace, Mike…

There is something about shoes in the air… You will see, soon.

Photocredits (again): Pieter Janssen (aka Parra). He’s got a new exhibition!

speaking of A.H.

It has come to my attention that there might be four or five people in the world
who still don’t know that I recently bought the best Audrey Hepburn Year Planner
one can find for two-and-a-half euros. Bought it at the Bravo (Free Factory Outlet
Store or whatever they’re called nowadays). The printing and used paper suck
ass, but the images are priceless. Just so you know…

Wie gaat ermee naar de Atari-day?


You already knew that I love classic videogames. But the biggest
reason to put on this post is not because the beauty of this Atari
advertisment above. But because upcoming month, Sunday the 13th
to be precise, there is an Atari-day in Dordrecht.

What would that be, dude!?
I am there, haha… So if you want to go there this is the place to be:

Titus Brandsmacollege (laughter)
Kapteynweg 3
3318 EC Dordrecht

Opening hours:
11:00 – 16:00 hours

To end this post I want to share some great work of art in my opinion.
These ‘hard wired devices’ by Roger Ibars are soon to be seen in Centre
Pompidou. Dude, I love them… (check out the hard wired devices section!)

fatal distraction


All Movie quote: ‘Chinese director Zhang Yimou fuses a martial arts action-drama with a tragic romance in this elegant period piece.’ That’s the absolute truth about ‘The House of Flying Daggers’, which I went to see last weekend. A stunning film packed with beautifully choreographed dance slash fighting scenes. The scene especially that takes place high in the bamboo trees is filmed with such elegance and in such a romantic style (or in such a stylish romance) that it makes you think twice about your own ‘elegance’ and swiftness more than once.

Anyway, I couldn’t really focus on the plot or the camera work or what have you. Regular HuMobisten weblog readers must know by now that I can only be distracted from a film’s plot because: A. the soundtrack is just RAD or B. Either Uma Thurman or Audrey Hepburn stars in this film. Neither A nor B was the case for this flick (which I’m probably going to buy on DVD as soon as it’s out), but you guessed quite in the right direction when you thought this had to be somtin’ involving a fair lady’s presence. Zhang Ziyi is just out of this world. I can try, but I could never really explain what I truly feel about this magical girl.

Once I was at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (which starts pretty soon) and saw Maggie Cheung walking out of the same theatre as I was in (we both went to see her European premiere for Irma Vep) and thought she was a dream, but I guess Zhang even topped her if it’s about pure visual astonishment. It’s all in the eye of the beholder of course, but these women seem to understand and advert the filosophy that true beauty is not even about how one looks, instead it’s more obviously displayed in their every move, breath, glance or even absence.




WATCH THE VIDEO! (Sorry, the video is temporary off line)

To stay a little while in the world of I.D. I present to you an early work.
Somewhere in 1999 I made the Forecast video ‘K.N.M.I.’ It was the
analyse for my project ‘INGSOC’. ‘K.N.M.I.’ Stands for ‘Kunnen Niet
Meer Identificeren’ (In english: Can Not Identify Anymore). ‘K.N.M.I.’
is in fact our weather institute. But I give it a swing for my own Forecast.
The normal length of the video is about 15 min. and has 4 chapters.
You only get to see chapter three. I am curious which one is you, you
can choose out of three characters: Forrest, Clifford and Melvin. So let
me know which one is you…

Mysterious friend ‘::::’ and me were always categorize people back then
within those three catagories. Test it yourself on the street, and have a laugh.

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4