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1 year!


Tomorrow (the 24th) our weblog is 1 year online! Check out our first post
from 1 year ago. Anyway we keep on blogging… Hooray for us!

The picture above (everyone can be Under Construction) was our first
website (4 (or almost 5) years ago)), haha…



Remember this post? Well the video didn’t really work very well.
Now you have a new chance at this website! Have fun!
(It’s only in Dutch).




You can check out the video HuMobiza (again) on VPRO’s
And you can also listen to our DJ-set with MP3J Der Versucher at the
J’ee!-Haw! @ Clubplus+ party (Live at the Holodeck, Groningen). And
check out the rest of the artists from that special evening.


To stay a little bit in the Art Auction Style


This little video (This video is off line, sorry!) is part of a compilation video
called ‘small projects’. Rufus.K rewrote a previous version.
Listen to this:

‘Art needs to go places’ is a piece consisting of both a drawing (Ready
Bought No. 002, originally titled ‘Margot’) made by dutch artist Sylvie
Overheul and a certificate which explains the statement of the work and
congratualates the new owner on buying a genuine HuMobisten piece.

The HuMobisten once bought ‘Margot’ after they saw it exhibited somewhere
in a Rotterdam bar and decided to buy it. Some time later, after they were
invited to participate on a benefit for a local children’s hospital by donating
something for an auction. HuMobisten made a new piece about the ‘buying
and selling of art’ using that particular drawing.

The HuMobisten bought their ‘Margot’ on january 14th, of the year 2002.
It was a lovely sketch of a nude girl modelling in a sort of drawing class.
We’ve had it in our private collection until the day of the auction. It was
never borrowed out for an exhibition and it preserved itself, basically.
On September 7th of the year 2003 the auction took place and ‘Art needs
to go places’ experienced her vernissage the exact instant it was sold.

Making yet another piece of art on the topic of ‘Art itself’ and the so called
art world as a reference to both the actual outside world as the non existing
art world. ‘Art needs to go places’ is another fine display of the loose mentality
towards art the HuMobisten would like to hold on to. Especially in a time when
they feel they’re going to take themselves serious and BE artists. It is also
(again) an hommage to conceptual art in general. As conceptual art seems the
only art form that can never dry up or repeat itself endlessly.

HuMobisten keep defining the untouchable echoes of postmodernity. It’s the
ultimate ‘mad’ art in a world gone absolutely berzerk. Or, as it is ironically
printed on the certificate itself ‘If you loose this certificate, you still have an
original Sylvie Overheul drawing left.’

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4

Tape recording


Last thing for now about the golden age of computers. Here’s
a funny sing-a-long for you, made by the legendary Rob Manuel.

Check it out!

Margot and Chantelle go straight to Hell!


When I was asked to host the first Aanschouw Art Auction together with
the mighty DJ Chantelle, she and I decided it would be best if I would just
cancel the gig and we’d ask Margot (Chantelle’s sister) instead. Them two
bitches would make the feistiest couple in Art selling history. Margot was
actually named after Anne Frank’s sister, who her namegiver thought was
the person most likely to grow up in oblivion and pretty much stay there.

They sold an afwul lot of art that day and that had nothing to do with the
poster, the flyer the one on one advertising and so on. Chantelle and Margot
just crammed those paintings through the throats of their audience, threatening
to rather feed the unsold art to the shredder, than to not sell it at all.
It sure helped. There’s an Aanschouw Art Auction every year in september,
so if you have some money left, go there! Buy art really cheap. They make
special prize for you, mistah!

Here’s the poster I made for that particular occasion.

Revenge of the nerds


I told you in an earlier post about the Atari-day. Well, I went.
Yesterday Geert Mul and his family and I went to Dordrecht with
the fast ferry from Rotterdam. It rained and rained, but the weather
couldn’t stop us from getting there on our bikes. Tsjeee… what a
day trip. When we arrived at the Atari-day, you step in this little
sports hall, full of (overaged) Atari freaks. Really funny! (See the
picture above) I even met Mr. Atari, haha… The only thing that
I bought that I am really happy with is The Mario Bros cartridge
for the Atari 5200 game system, which is very rare. Now we can
only wait a year when there is an Atari-day again.

monkey see, monkey do-ooh-oooooh!


It’s way old news (about since the 3rd of february) but who cares. we had to
post all the Ibiza stuff first, so… Anyway, two dudes (Robert Wallace and
Humberto Gomez of the so called Wildlife Conservation Society) discovered a
whole new breed of singing monkeys in the dark and dense jungles of Bolivia.
They’re supposed to be half (0.5) a meter long (about 1.5 ft.) and weigh only
1 (one) kilo. These monkeys don’t just sing, they also sing for each other as
sort of a gay and frolic morning ritual. They wake each other up in a nice,
upbeat manner.

My brother told me about it last week and he also told me it made him cry for
some reason. He couldn’t really tell why, he just thought it was really sad. I
guess those singing bastards reminded him of people who usually don’t sing
jack shit before their first coffee. (And most of the time not even afterwards).

I saw singing monkeys once, I was about three or four years old when my dad
took me to see ‘Jungle Book’ (Walt Disney, 1967) in the year 1979. I thought
King Louie was really scary, but I already dug his jazzy ways back then. Only
to find out today, that it was really Louis ‘Buona Sera’ Prima. Which reminds me
of this gorgeous movie that everyone in the world should see, because it’s
just really sweet and funny and it makes you wanna eat and eat and eat some
more. Also Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub and Isabella Rossellini can do no
wrong, so go out and rent/buy/download that wonderous piece of cinema.

Tomorrow when you wake up and there’s a special sweetheart lying there
next to you (all smelly, snorring or cranky), wake ’em up to the sound of your
interpretation of ‘woooh-oooh-ooh, I wanna be like you!’. It’ll be a guaranteed

Live at Holodeck



The only island to beat the postcard
My lonely island, sweet HuMobiza

You knew the old version, but are you in for the new?

Check the registration video of our performace we
just did last saturday at the Holodeck in Groningen.

It’s just finished and ready to be seen at the VPRO’s
3voor12 website.

Check also the pictures of the Clubplus+ evening.

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4

PSA: HuMobiza 2005 LIVE!!!


tomorrow I love you
tomorrow is only a day away

Tomorrow Der Versucher (known best for his infamous ‘Lekker Blowen!’
compilation CD’s — Stop looking, they’re one-offs, you’ll never get your hands
on them until decides to put ’em all online one day) and US, the
infamous HuMobisten, will destroy all that’s left of Rock ‘n’ Roll and do a
performance in good old Groningen, where the skies are indeed charming.

During that performance the three of us will launch the second part of an on-
going series of housed mixes of songs about Ibiza. A place we all wished we’d
ever been, somehow. If you live in the surroundings or if you’re just a huge
HuMobisten fan, don’t hesitate and come check it out. There’s lots of interesting
stuff going on that night, which you can read all about by clicking the holodeck
sign in the ‘RECENT GIG’ section (left of screen).

I can only say this about it:
The remix of the original (‘HuMobiza’ – J’ee-haw remixed) is just really… well,
it kicks an awful lot of ass. It’s going to be downloadable soon. We suggest you
do that! There just might be a video of tomorrow night’s performance online
soon on the 3VOOR12 website, so keep your eyes open for that one, we know
you’re going to be crazy for it. HuMobisten don’t touch the mic like there’s R.
Kelly doo doo on it!

More on this thing, SOON!