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voorjaarszon in Rotterdam

ik foeterdenk ritme door de donkerste dag,
kruip struikelend, alsof elke straat waarop ik ga
me tegenhoudt, wegflirt, omdraait, laat stikken

en duikel door gedachten die te onwaarschijnlijk
lang lijken te vermoorden — en ik kan niet eens dood.
(loop dwars door de nacht en verzin me de dagen erna.)

de nachten die ik in mijn levende greep sluit,
zijn nu onderuit, hebben zich tegen me gekeerd.
hebben de stille straat overtuigd; samengebald onderuit.

alleen zonnelief kan ik nog bijna voelen
en ik oogknijp mijn wangen wat nauwer, als
stralende lippen van vuur verklappen aan huid:

‘ssst… stil maar, lieve jongen.
de zomer is nog niet eens begonnen.’



It’s confirmed! I will do a live video show in Kiev (Ukraine) on April 16th
at the Cinema Club next month. I will go together with DJ Perry & DJ Michel
(Strictly Techno) and Speedy J. The only thing I found on the web about this
is this. Soon more about this.



I thought about Il Principe just last night when some kid, who I recognized as
one of the juvenile street rats who always asks me to buy him weed outside
the coffeeshop near my house —which I never do, to just piss him off—, came
biking towards me (I was making an hour walk home, from my friend Bas’
place on the exact opposite side of town) and asked me if I had a cigarette.
I did, so I gave him one. Remaining both my cool and my attention. The boy,
who must have been seventeen years old or so, kind of gave me a thuggy look
and asked what I was up to. I told him I soon was going to sleep and tried
some jedi mind tricks on the kid, by sending out a sort of untouchable vibe
at his ass. I asked him if he needed a light and smiled Dirty Harry like at the
poor sonofabitch. He said nay, and that he needed that smoke for a joint he
was planning to make. Alright, I said, I’m off then. But then that kid wanted to
know where I lived, so I told him what street I live in. ‘Oh yeah?’, he answered,
‘I live on this and that street’ (a street close to mine). ‘that’s cool’, I replied
as I turned and started walking away, thumbing the guy goodbye and leaving
him with his smoke. ‘Hey, watch out! There’s a lot of rippers out there!’ the
kid shouted after me, ‘I’m one too, but since we’re both from Crooswijk I let
you go…’ (the part of town I live in is called Crooswijk, which means something
like ‘WaterPlant Hood’). I waved him bye without looking back (sometimes you
walk and don’t look back, someone had told me earlier).

Anyway, I walked home smiling at first and realized only later what happened
exactly. This was also the instant my body realized what had just happened and
it reacted to that knowledge by shaking somewhat. I couldn’t help but thinking
of all this having something to do with Machiavelli explaining on how to be ‘a
feared ruler’, me coincidentally reading that thing this week and that kid being
maybe a little ‘on edge’ and nervous.

‘Il Principe’ is a pretty weird book. It’s a philosophical exertion on power as well
as a sort of manual for them who have lots of it and would hate losing it. From
the back cover I understand both Napoleon and Stalin pretty much think Niccolò
Machiavelli was the man. Especially when you take to heart that he wrote this
thing around the year 1520 or so, it’s only stunning to read how little the face
and ways of power and the (ab)use of it have changed over the years.

If you have a hard time dealing with ‘important people’ in your school, at work
or if you’re suffering from the powerplay your spouse has layed all over you,
perhaps this is the time for you to really comprehend the concept of power in
all its forms. It does take a little time to really get into it, but if you’re dutch (and
I guess most of you are) try and get a hold of Frans van Dooren’s translation,
it comes w/ a nice historical introduction he wrote for all us suckers who knew
only too little on the internal Italian situation at the time (the DeMedici situation),
the Renaissance and the influence it had outside the contemporary art world,
foreign situations and more insights on 16th century conciousness.

Besides, even if you decide to skip the intro (like I usually do), you don’t really
need all that info to comprehend either political science or the meaning of the
book. It does help a little, though.

Fret Click Patta’s


WATCH THIS AND HAVE A COKE! (the video is off line, sorry!)

Next month the Nike Fret Click shoe will come out. It’s really weird.
Since I was a teenager I’ve been part of that ‘clan’ that now will have
a signature shoe added to their resume. In the past you had to be
Michael Jordan, but time has changed, haha.

I will keep you posted about it. But see here (again) a little hommage to
the Fret Click vibe before that superb DVD came out. This little video was
part of the This is the Flow exhibition in 2001.

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4



If you like Bollywood, then you’re down with Nollywood!

I just saw the documentary ‘Coming Soon’ by Alexander van der Meer.
It was broadcasted on ‘het uur van de wolf’ on dutch VPRO tv. If you have
missed it, see if there is another chance to, cause it is just so nice to see.
Man, I got to get some copies of these ‘home movies’.

The video boom came after Nigeria’s movie theaters started losing customers
during an economic downturn in the 1980′s. While many of the theaters have
now been turned into churches, about 200,000 people earn their money through
working for the movies.

So because there are no cinemas left, a whole entire film industry has been
born. Let’s shut it down here as well…

Those titles they’re using as trailers are awesome! I wanna make some now!

Africa is Coming!

Draw (Barry White) More


Something went wrong with the Movable Type software. The text is gone..
Maybe it has something to do with the drawing.

my poetry likes fashion


I saw this Christian Wijnants dress in the march issue of the dazed. isn’t
it just brilliant? well, I think so. It inspired me to writing this (all dutch)
poem, the other day called ‘self portrayed w/ survival grin’, but I guess
all you non dutch readers will have to be pleased w/ just the excellent
owl dress… Sometimes I wish I was a rich girl.

Zelfportret met Overlevingsgrijns

mijn hoofd is iets te groot
er komt veel onzin uit
dat zie ik in mijn badkamer
gewassen ape-snuit

mijn oren staan wijd open
naar binnen toe gericht
ik hoor je pas als ik je napraat
—een éénrichtingsgezicht—

mijn neus is nog niet klaar
maar hij is nog nooit gebruikt
voorlopig hangt-ie daar
een beetje schaduw te maken

vanuit dat donker dan
ineens en onvoorzichtig
klimmen de hoeken van een lach
omhoog, omlaag, gezichtig

Here’s looking at you, kid…


Yesterday night I saw Casablanca for the second time in my life. The first
time it didn’t make half the impression. It’s a real stunning film. On the
screen dump above, Bogey’s reading some awful letter sent to him by the
lovely Ilsa Lund (Bergman) while breaking his heart in Parisian rain. ouch!
Thank god it’s all just a flashback! Back to good old Casablanca where
booze is cheap and papers to get to Lisbon are quite expensive. Hey, what
did you expect? It’s a war out there! Anyway… buy yourself the —just
released— upgraded, fully restored and remastered Casablanca DVD w/
all sorts of neat specials, like Lauren Bacall on Bogart and an excellent
Looney Toons animated ode to Michael Curtiz’ classic called ‘Carrotblanca’,
starring Bugs Bunny as Rick, a super weird Tweety as Ugarte (portrayed
in the original by M’s Peter Lorre), and Daffy Duck is ‘play-it’ Sam. Quite

imdb trivia:
The last line is one of the most misquoted lines in all of film history. The
correct line is, ‘Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.’
This line was a last-minute addition, thought up by producer Hal B. Wallis
and dubbed in by Humphrey Bogart after filming was completed.



Some 1,000 women staged an anti-government demonstration on March 8th
in Tehran’s Laleh Park to mark the International Women’s Day.

A number of demonstrators carried pictures of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi (as been
seen on the picture above with their ‘old’ Iranian flag), the President-elect of
the Iranian Resistance, and distributed leaflets in support of the third option for
the future of Iran, i.e. supporting the Iranian people and their resistance for
democratic change in Iran.

Mrs. Rajavi spoke of this option for the first time during her speech at the
European Parliament last December.

The protesters chanted antigovernment slogans such as ‘down with the clerical

State Security Forces and agents of the Ministry of Intelligence attacked the
demonstrators, beating and arresting a number of them. The demonstration,
however, continued for several hours.

This is just an example to let you know that the people of Iran are very fed up
with their f***ed up government.

My mother will be speaking at the ‘Women’s Commission of the National Council
of Resistance of Iran’ this Saturday in Amsterdam. They invited her after ‘they’
read her book ‘Stolen Innocence’. I am very proud of her, that she mingle with
the ‘moslims’ of Iran who live in Europe, who can’t go back to there country.
Because (of there freedom of thinking) if they do, they would be killed or be
put in jail.

Act 2: ‘performance’


Tomorrow a secret sort of trinity will perform their very first performance
disguised as the enchanting Eline (with no pineapple suit, alas!). Let’s all
hope she either trips, burps, or makes her usual sort of cool remarks…

All this good clean fun is because of Peter de Groot (AKA Peter de Selfkiller)
launching his debut collection of poems and aphorisms in the Locus 010.
Peter is also the main editor of poetry magazine Krakatau, maybe if you
come ’round he’ll pass you some goodies…

starts at 9 / free entrance / (A must see for female exchange students!!!)