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Flower Power


Time to sow!


On there is a little story about our Strictly Techno
adventure in Kiev. Check it out!

A bunch of Sjambecks!


You remember my earlier posts about the Fret Click?, well this is the result:

Last Saturday we did it! Together with all the (old) Frets. Man, what a party!
I am so glad to see my old ‘clan’. It has been a while ago, that we’ve been
together. It’s priceless! Hopefully you, Jermaine can read this somewhere
online. We missed you over here!

The picture above shows how we, ‘the HuMobisten’, decorated the space
together with those guys from Magwick from Germany. The pictures shows
the space before the crowd came in. I am happy that we have organised it and
tributed a good time for the Frets. We did it for you, you know who you are.
But where was Roel van Tour?

Anyway, you can read an article about the Fret Click (shoe) which was published
in the Rotterdams Dagblad also last Saturday.

If you want to see the crowd go here!

For(r)est Gump


Sometimes there is no cure, you gotta hold on… Like the trees in A Forest.

‘Momma always says there’s an awful lot you could tell about a person by their
shoes. Where they’re going. Where they’ve been’.

Cinema Club


I told you in earlier posts about my upcoming VJ gig in Kiev. Well, I
went there last weekend. The city is awesome! It’s the Jerusalem of the
Russian Orthadox Church combined with Stalinist architecture. The peeps
in the club are so full of energy. I think it has to do with the orange revolution
that just happened some months ago. They will have their summer of love
this upcoming summer, so go there this summer if you want to be a part of it.
It reminds me of clubbing in Holland ten years ago… But time has changed
here. Anyway, on the picture above you see the visual set up in the Club
Cinema and DJ Michel hanging out with me. Michel is living there now and
speaks the Russian language superb. More about Kiev soon.

Along with DJ Perry and blasting Speedy J there were more Rotterdam locals
over there giving this party a classic Rotterdam vibe. Boeeyyy they liked it!


find the ultimate ‘now art’ on eBay


From Dalí, it’s quite a step to this post post modern work. On the other hand,
if it wasn’t for Duchamp, who was in the surrealist group with Salvador, the
world wouldn’t have been pestered as much with questions like ‘what is art?’,
or maybe even ‘what’s reality?’. Anyway, someone managed to finally do it and
build the world an operating time machine. Put it on sale thru eBay, of course
(where else would we find a piece of furniture as delicate and strange as this
one). For me, I’d find it strange if the MoMA, the Saatchi’s or maybe the Caldic
Co. would not open up their collection to the newest art forms, as presented by
nameless artists, reflecting the ultimate art in a world gone ultimately mad.

Here’s some of the notes as found on eBay. Funny? Maybe… It all seems logical
and in a weird way familiar, but doesn’t that go for every main invention. Watch
out professor Barabas, here’s the truth on time travelling!

“I know the next question on your mind, “how does it work”. Let’s just say it’s a
lot easier than sling-shotting yourself around the sun in order to travel back in

It uses a displacement field of the space-time continuum. By folding time upon
itself you can travel through a “tunnel” and arrive at your designated year,
month, date, and even time.

To operate, just flip the switch and this turns on the flux capacitor, aligns the
dilithium crystals, powers up the the double A’s, and creates the chrono- field.
Once all lights are on, punch in the date on the keypad that you would like to
visit. remember to use mm/dd/yyyy format.”

Go see the King!


Last friday my friend Der Versucher, feat. his friends Subtitle and NoCanDo and
myself went to see the ‘ALLES DALI’ (trnsl: It’s All Dalí) show in museum Boijmans
van Beuningen
(Rotterdam). As if Salvador wasn’t weird enough by himself, we
thought it be nice to take two rhymin’ men with us, covering the show on a high
speed real/surreal – L.A. version of Dutch soccer commentary. AWESOME!!! If
I had remembered a quote, I’d have written it up for y’all, but alas I was kind
of ‘in the mood’ myself and highly under the influence of cheap narcotics and
kick-ass art.

Stuff that made an impression:

First of all, ticket prices made a hell of an impression. 12,50 (euros!) a person
ain’t really what Dalí had in mind when he decided to not just mix up high and
low culture for aesthetic reasons, but also in order to show his work to the
biggest possible audience. To hell with it, if you have an NS Kortingskaart like
I do, you only pay 8 euros.

Then, second of all, the excellent signing and titling of the exhibition that was
done by our friends of 75b is really something else. They’re still boss in the
dutch graphic design competition and here’s just another example of it.

Then, thirdly, the exhibition itself: The Boijmans ‘recent important exhibition’
space can be devided in three different areas. The one on the right is dominated
by Gregory Peck screaming and dreaming a Dalí eyeballed nightmare. Too bad
one is unable to listen to other audio stuff, because of Boijmans surreal balancing.
The one in the middle is a huge collection of pictures, ads and commercials
(which aren’t as funny as they are painful, I think, but hey… they probably
payed lots of Figueres rent) and then on the far left is the reason I went to see
this show at all: ‘Destino’, a seven minute long Disney-fied moving Dalí painting,
capturing both an almost exclusively mediterranean lovesick-ness (soledad) ánd
an explanatorial to loads of other Dalí work. It’s as if all of his paintings are solely
stills taken from Dalí’s dreams. But instead of being totally weird, these dreams
make complete sense. They’re just terribly lovely and terrificly beautiful. Wow!

Then finally (fourth of all): If you decide to go there, try and go on a ‘not too
sunny’ yet ‘not too grey’ of a day, the lighting on the purple windows —that offer
us sneak peaks in huge gardens, where lilac trees and laburnums play hide and
seek with the seasons— then truly is magnificent. How I love Rotterdam.

Subtitle stuff available through:

Above displayed painting of Walt and Salvador
‘Five O’Clock Shadows In Disney-Dalí Land’ 1995, by Todd Schorr
find info on Destino here

Family affair


Talking about family (like the last post from Rufus.K), I show you the
work of my lovely cousins Anne and Kathelijne Reijse. Check out their
websites. I really like those embroidery electronics. Last but not least
my brother Willem is coming out with a book about pool this month.

The talented mr. Hanswijk


Miike Takashi, Ice Cube, N.Y.C., Jules Deelder, Koen Flink, Mexico, Kamagurka,
Belgium, Spain, random port workers, boxers, Ice Cube, Archie Shepp, Jack Kerklaan,
Ellen ten Damme, Rem Koolhaas and Benidorm winter surivors never really looked quite
as real as they do on Frank Hanswijk’s extraordinary prints. Herefore Frank has
gained the status of being a true Rotterdam photographer (like Carel van Hees).
Raw, real and pressy, yet beautiful only because of that same realness, I guess.
Some people are capable of showing you a reality you always knew, but never
quite saw with those eyes. Excellent photographers pay the rent by doing just that.
Who needs a studio when there’s a whole world out there?

Here’s where it’s at



Sorry, the video is offline…

A golden oldie this is.. It’s already 5 years ago when we made this installation.
Time flies…

A quest for the core of punk, Vincent van Duin and me produced a video
installation commissioned by showroom MAMA with both historic and made
video material. It became a kaleidoscopic report that offered both visual and
content insight in the diversity within punk and the shifts in image and vision
over time.

Forgot to mention: Check here a photo of the ‘1234’ installation published in
the nice, sweet and forgotten Dutch magazine.

Download Quicktime with MPEG-4