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The Hete Kolen Experience



Have fun!

de obsessie van Pheifer


Aanstaande zondag is het weer zover. Wat is Anniek Pheifer (27) geweldig.
Volgens tv-op-je-pc is Anniek er door Michiel Romeyn bijgehaald. Logisch.
Check deze plaatjes uit Costa. Ik zal jullie eerlijk verklappen dat ze me
toen nog niet echt opviel. (en wat een heerlijke film was dat toch! Mijn
vriend Hidde noemde het een verfilmde D-Reizen Catalogus, ha! Beter zou
ik het niet kunnen omschrijven). Die film is ongeveer net zo tof als die keer
dat ik met Natasa naar een dierentuin in Lissabon ging. We hadden erover
gehoord dat het een soort ‘Fierce Creatures’ Zoo was en niets was minder
waar. Met de kaartjes in de tas gingen we eerst een Big Mac™ eten in de
McDonalds die pal voor de ingang van de dierentuin staat. Naast die McD’s
ligt de krokodillen-vijver die behalve krokodillen, water en eilandjes waarop
krokodillen kunnen opdrogen, tevens enorme ‘Lacoste’ banners huisvest.
Zat ik daar mooi een Big Mac™ te eten terwijl ik naar duffe krokodillen, die
langs even lange grafische krokodillen voortbewogen, zat te kijken. Nou ja?!
Geniaal! Ik durf te wedden dat mensen dat soort locaties over 10 jaar intens
romantisch vinden. Zo geniaal vind ik Costa ook. Mijn moeder was er nog niet
klaar voor, maar mijn broertje (gefeliciteerd, ouwe!) en ik moesten er mad
om lachen. Zelfs middelmatig acteerwerk van Victor Low veranderde daar
niets aan. Onlangs heb ik met Der Versucher ‘Volle Maan’ gekeken, maar ik
was niet echt in de stemming. En wat een kutfilm!

Anyway, zuster Rita, daar hadden we het over. Of liever gezegd ‘de kleine
zuster’, zoals meneer Faber [spreek uit: Fabor] haar noemt. Wat is ze goed
en wat is ze ‘nu’ vooral. Die drie oude mannen kunnen als geen ander de
taal van het moment vangen en er allerlei geweldige draaien aan geven.
Tuurlijk, maar zij maakt het zo geloofwaardig! Ze kan het gewoon, ik kan
me niet eens voorstellen dat ze een ander persoon kan zijn en dan kan je
toch gewoon acteren? Ik zie haar natuurlijk ook vaak. In de bus, op straat,
op feestjes, etc… maar speel het maar ’ns, da’s echt different cook, hoor!
Des te gekker is het als mensen op weblogs schrijven dat ‘ze nog een beetje
in haar rol moet groeien…’. Nou ja, mensen die op weblogs schrijven zijn
zowiezo contactgestoorde idioten, dus dat telt ook niet echt…

Sommige mensen hebben het over ‘betere’ en ‘slechtere’ Jiskefet seizoenen
en beginnen over ‘debiteuren’, ‘studenten’, Oboema’s of what-have-you-nog
meer’s, maar ik zeg je nu maar vast dat als je alles allemaal achter elkaar
zet, je zal zien dat het eigenlijk gewoon allemaal beregoed is. (en vooral de
verzameling, uiteraard). Nu moet ik dus ‘Ik ook van jou’ en nota bene
‘Grijpstra en de Gier’ gaan uitchecken om de obsessie een beetje levendig
te houden. Oh well… Dankuwel heren Romeyn, Koch en Prins, voor uw oeuvre
en uw inzicht!

Are you an Art critic?




Through the website of I found this website from this
girl (see above) who’s on a superb trip. It makes me think about the David
Lynch movie ‘The Straight Story’ which I really like.

Rondom Tien


Check dit filmpje, is echt mad lachen…
Je hebt wel Windows Media Player nodig.
(Sorry this post is for Dutch people only!)

be there, or be teraer


Actually, Siebe, I must admit I’ve been suffering from a bad case of mean reds
these last few days. In need of shoulders to cry on, but finding hardly the time
nor courage to use those sparsely found shoulders to actually cry on. Or maybe
I just thought the time wasn’t quite right yet.

Anyway, if you’re here to be informed on existential poetry, elitist comedy, the
‘avant garde’, mind-boggling performances and other profound art stuff easily
mistaken for premature introspections and sanctified absurdity, you’ve certainly
come to the right place today.

In reversed order: Next Sunday is the (long awaited) very first Nietteraere
(which is probably not very amusing when you’re not a Dutch speaker).
Four people who taught me one or two things on life, realism and beauty came
up with the perfect outlet for their wonderful thoughts, namely ‘a good old
fashioned power display’. Some people speak of ‘performances’ or even say
‘manifestation’ and use it as an actual word, but let’s just say there’s a show-
room for words and jokes and De Bubbelebim, Ernst and Eline —the before
mentioned enfants terribles— are using this place to let us, the common man,
take a peak in their outrageously funny universe. If we’re willing, that is. For
a manifestation such as this one, one must leave scepticism and scruples at
home and enjoy this intimate spectacle with their eyes closed and their minds
open. Not that I think that YOU, my dearest HuMobisten weblog readers, are
EVER prejudiced. It’s just that I used to be it all the time (and, thank god, still
am sometimes) but realised that I was funnier when I felt prejudiced all the
time, but LIFE was a lot funnier when I decided not to be the obnoxious, self
absorbed critic slash ‘comic cynic’ no more. It’s the kind of ‘coming of age’
sort of intelligence that you suspect you’d learn to appreciate around the age
of eighteen or so, but somehow landed on my plate a good ten years later.

Anyway, talking of Max (In whoms squat the Nietteraere Avond will take place:
Aelbrechtskade 100, 5 min. walk from “Delfshaven” subway stop, starting 8 pm).
He’s quite a character, a genuine renaissance man and a well known producer
of all kinds of parties. This next Saturday (also starting at 8 pm) he and some
of his classmates ‘helped out’ Mareike, who’s throwing an exquisite house
warming party in ‘South’ (Delistraat 48 in Katendrecht, next to the Player
where the party will continue ’round midnight). Amongst loads of things to see
Max asked ME to be the bartender for a special reason. If you think you can
handle that, come see me and a lot of housewarming stuff next saturday.

All this good fun’s free of charge, so…



I was playing with Geert Mul‘s software this weekend. I used about 650
HuMobisten pics, and let the computer create with just pushing the button.

Look here for a different one.

Nu we het toch over R’dam hebben…


This was my first official businesscard, it dates from 1997 or 1998 I guess.
When life was pretty different, there weren’t no cameras on the street and
stuff and I think in that same year I first saw the Twin Towers. Hell, there
weren’t even HuMobisten back in those days.

Anyway, enough about the past. The time is now. Victor Vroegindeweij must
have thought the same when he let his first web log be what it was and started
a new one AND a Rotterdam Guide site on which ‘guys like himself can get
to know Rotterdam in a way he would like to do so himself’ (if he didn’t already
know loads of stuff on our beautiful city), read about ins and outs you’d never
get to know otherwise
and (only this week!) see an interesting picture of Der
Versucher and myself enjoying Tia Marias ’n beer in the Dizzy Garden a month
or so ago. (And did you know Chet Baker once played Dizzy —right before he
‘died’— and I think that story of J.A. Deelder meeting Jimi Hendrix is also situated
in Dizzy, although that story might alltogether be more of an indian story than
we’d all want it to be.)

Have a nice weekend, y’all!

tomorrow never dies…


I said it last year, and I will keep on saying it…
Until the day I will be 65.

don’t let money change ya


Ja meneertje, je dacht zeker dat ik het vergeten was. Hè?

Last saturday after having some coffees and vodkas in one of my favourite
saturday afternoon cafes, reading my new book (Truman Capotes’ ‘In Cold
Blood’), running into old friends and more recent hos and asking tourists
about thanksgiving (I’m planning on throwing a thanksgiving dinner this year
to celebrate the ongoing influence America has on my life and to celebrate
friendship in general, naturellement), anyway… after all that good fun, I went
to my friend J’s house who had called me just as I was flipping back through
the pages to find out who was who again (that book seems just crammed w/
Although I’ve been there numerous times I suddenly felt the urge to express
my feelings about the look of the house. I didn’t supress it and told J. (who
shall remain nameless, because this isn’t a pretty story) that I really liked his
house and ‘what he’d done with it’. And just as I did so I realised that his life-
size Anton Corbijn portrait of Ian Curtis (see the pic above and imagine it
being a zillion times bigger) was gone. I’ve seen it in several of his houses,
but somehow I suspected the thing didn’t quite make it to this new one.
When I asked J. about the whereabouts of this poster, he started this rap on
it being kind of old and dirty (but since I like it raw, that didn’t work for me)
then he suggested that it had been in his room ever since he was a teenager
and that it was ‘maybe time for a change’ and all that crap… Hey, that’s all
well and good, but asking him what he’d done with that really big poster he
told me he’d ripped it to shreds, because he needed the sound of paper being
torn to pieces for some movie soundtrack. ‘This way’, my friend claimed ‘the
recorded sound provides for the poster to always live on in audio format’.
Man, I ask of thee, wouldn’t that have been just the ultimate gift for his first
born child, or at least some magical thing that could have been kept in the
family for all time? Maybe I’m being somewhat emotional about it all, but that
poster was just really beautiful, man…

This might be a good occasion to show you all this really nice picture of Peter
Saville’s office. Or maybe it’s an office designed by Peter Saville. Who cares?!
It just looks fucking te erg! check it out…