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Check out a wide range of our ‘printed matter’ in gallery VIVID.
Show opens July 1st at 17:00 hrs.

photo: VIVID

You say Hello and I say Goodbye


Sometimes our beloved Rotterdam is the most boring place on earth, while
other days are just packed with all kinds of good stuff to undertake. This
upcoming friday for instance is just jam stuffed with the crème de menthe
of Rotterdam art(ists) and cultural entrepreneurs.
Cucosa’s doing a full blown summary of all ‘Cucosa Artists’. Besides that,
there’s the opening of Sjarel Ex’ vision of ‘Rotterdam’s Finest in Art’ called
Project Rotterdam’, which of course takes place at the Boijmans van
Beuningen Museum.

But real HuMobisten fans know where to go next friday afternoon. As a
sideshow of the before mentioned ‘Project Rotterdam’ in collaboration
with the World Championship Skateboarding Rotterdam, Design Gallery
VIVID organised a show called ‘StraatWijs’, starring Andy Mueller, Evan
Hecox, vijf890, Nultien ontwerp and us dropping mad graphic designer
knowledge. Anyway, most of our printed matter is on display there, so
if you’re anxious to see what it looks like for real, be sure to be there.

We probably won’t make the opening, since by that time we’re probably
already preparing for our latest romantic blast in art history, our installation/
performance entitled ‘Het Afscheid’ (a dutch word meaning both ‘The Parting’
as ‘The Farewell’. Europe’s an ancient poetic place, my American friends).
Be sure to be there, we made something really nice. Anyway, that starts
at nine o’clock as part of the very last Salon Las Palmas, appropriately
entitled ‘Leaving Las Palmas’. Ever wondered what the Magic Factory of
Farewell looks like? Cough up eleven euros and come ’round, afterwards
we’ll dance, meet up with strangers and maybe even cry some. Besides,
‘Things end and then they begin again’, remember… (by the way, if you’re
the one who borrowed my ‘Last Tango in Paris’ DVD, I forgot who you are.
Can you please return it to me.)

Plus more Rotterdam Made stuff will be shown the next day (saturday, july
2nd) at the Polish Art Gallery. Quint Hartmann, Adi Khavous, Tymen Visser
and Robert Rosenau will present their recent works there. Starting at 19.00
hrs. this party/exhibition is a must go if you feel like really heavy chilling
after that busy, busy friday night.

Video Stream


Now you can check a lot of HuMobisten videos online through our friends at
Video 2000. Video 2000 is a Rotterdam TV broadcast company. So thanks to
them for their webspace. And you websurfer… Have a lot of fun!

for the birds


Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow de vogels will play live!!!

First things first, tomorrow —june 22nd, 2005— we’ll play the pakhuis
(Amsterdam), together w/ the infamous hotel bashers
the David Gilmour Girls and their sacret patron DJ Femke. Doors
open at 7, but showtime REALLY is 8 o’ clock. (5 euros). So be early!!!

And the day after we play Zaal de Unie (Rotterdam), assisted by none
other than legendary poet and father Rien Vroegindeweij and the no
less legendary instrumental indie-funk group At No Bikini Beach. Again
the admission’s 5 euros, but this time doors open around 9 (pm) and
the show will begin no later than 10 o’ clock.

If I seem a little sad thursday, it’s only because I visited the Anne Frank
that same morning and I might still feel a little edgy over that visit.
Who knows?

(photo: Ari Versluis / Ellie Uyttenbroek)

Als je van de trap afvalt…


Tomorrow night there’ll be an ‘opening party’ of ex graffiti writers and ex
punk kids displaying their vision on the hottest issue on the municipal agenda,
namely the highly important ‘safety first’ thing. Besides a ‘work’ of ourselves,
there’ll be dazzle-lights (lichtbakken) designed by (amongst others) Luuk
Bode, Zedz, LOKISS and the David Gilmour Girls. Swell! ‘Who produces such
wonderous events?’, you ask, and could it be anything else than a team up
of these and these wonderful people(?)… Opening party starts at nine thirty
in the World Trade Center ‘Diamond Room’ (sounds pretty kinky to me).

The dazzle lights themselves are situated at ‘Steiger’, a Rotterdam canal street
situated on the backside of the ‘Korte Hoogstraat’, where for instance comic
(book) store Yendor is located. Clearly y’all did not expect otherwise of us than
to come up with a bold statement on the ‘Waarom? DAAROM!’ campaign,
which —according to us— has nothing to do with clear and evident politics.

Nightly visits reccomended.
Just don’t sue us if you get mugged…



Yesterday was my 29th birthday.
I am going towards 30 now.

When I was still innocent



You’re on Candid Camera


Gideon and me just had a little video chat with Speedy J. He’s in Shibuya
now. But we are also there a little bit, because you see us on his computer
live through Ichat. We’re all so nerdy, laughter!



Our oldest professional football club of the netherlands are back in the
Eredivisie. Will they be champions like in 1959? Finally we can see the
Rotterdam derby again between Sparta and Feyenoord. Yeah!



I am hanging out now in the studio of Telco Systems, working on
the HuMobisten DVD with Gideon Kiers. The picture above is a little
preview of how the menu is going to be. The DVD will be soon to be
released. Yeah boyyyyyyyyyyyieeeee!