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das oath, panthers, de vogels


On a pretty short notice: tomorrow night me and seven other vogels (amongst
whom ‘menno mono’ replacing the nuge who temporarily took his business to
sunny Italy) will rock the Nighttown cafe, right after the ‘das oath – panthers’
show in Nighttown Theatre. Are you in or are you out?

spoken word


Juist! Next Saturday 113B is throwing the very very very last Acacadabra Party,
and we’re all supposed to go there. Their last party was hilarious, but since they
think there weren’t enough people to see that, they’re simply throwing the same
party again! Can this be done? Hell No! Parties are like paintings, never will two
be exactly the same. Anyway, if you can’t go to Amsterdamme to see that movie
I was telling y’all about, go to the Acacadabra party, have fun, drink cheap
caipirinhas, dance your ass off, sing karaoke and don’t forget to get really lost
in the dark room. Dude! if you’re wasted (which I think mostly everyone was)
that room will make you more paranoid than anything else.

Then, the day after, chill out in Rotown where there’s a new edition of Crime
with performances by (amongst others) Earl Ockin, Carl Hancock-Rux,
Cindy Hoetmer AND ME! Yes, you heard right, a real column written and read
by Rufus.K! Oh well… I’m not sure, but I think it starts round 9 pm. So if you
want to hear me talking about love and other catastrophies, spend the night
at the clubhouse, beer’s on me. NOT!!!



Talking about career change, like Tom Cruise, I did something different aswell.
After being in East Europe for about two weeks, the Force put me on a different
journey. It brought me to Portugal. Obi has spoken, I just followed. The truth is
out here somewhere, near Lisboa, where I am now. I feel that my training isn’t
finished yet, that’s why I am here now, to forfill my task.

Bulgaria had a lot of trouble with water, overhere in Portugal they have troubles
with fire.. I am wondering what would be next, when I will return to Holland… Snow?

Hip Hóóóóóóp!!!


Last weekend I was in Amsterdam (or ‘Amsterdamme’, as some like to call it).
I went there on friday to visit the Last Night on Earth Party, hosted
by special friend Femke D., the David Gilmour Girls and a group of Baile Funk
specialists called News (who incidentally also helped creating the Talpa logo).
To make a short story even shorter, that party was the main reason I was
chilling out in the Vondelpark most of the saturday afternooon, doin’ nothing but
sneakily eardroppin’ conversations lovers in parks have, and checking out great
pictures of Jeanne Moreau at the Film Museum.

Talking of film, Film buffs, be warned!!! on saturday august 27th, one of my
alltime favourite movies ‘They Shoot Horse, Don’t They’ (Sydney Pollack, 1969)
is playing at the Museumplein, Amsterdam (yup, that means outdoors), A must
see for those who enjoy ‘actor films’ and elaborate dialogue(s).

The next day me and Mees, my personal Amsterdam tour guide, went to the
Oosterpark to go to Appelsap, which is a free outdoor hip hop party.
Although it was raining almost biblically, people remained upbeat and nice
and friendly and into it. Lots of DJ’s played lots of classic shit (like Smoothe
Da Hustler, the Lords of the Underground and the Souls of Mischief) but it
wasn’t until Wix played Al Green’s ‘Let’s stay together’ that it finally stopped
raining and the sun came out. Magic moments in hip hop history, I guess…
(just like the Kubus w/ Stickz, Rico and Jawat show. They were so good, that
it felt almost unreal, wow!).

Anyway, because of my Heineken Honcho I stayed perfectly dry, as displayed
on the picture taken by (again) Femke Dekker, whose pictures are online now,
right here. On the right of that same picture, there’s Danny of the experimental
Jetset, a group of three super talented graphic designers. You might
know their instant classic (and often copied) ‘John& Paul& Ringo& George.’
T-shirts, or, if you’re pretty old, their design for Dutch punkrock heroes NRA’s
‘Leaded’ album. Lately they’ve been doing lots of stuff for the Theater-
compagnie and the Stedelijk Museum & SMCS, if you live in Amsterdam, you
can’t have missed that. Two more stunning examples of their work are right
there underneath the Appelsap picture. Note how on the Kubrick poster, the ‘I’
is used as a Monolith… typical Jetset stuff.

And there’s more where they come from! I hooked up with Rafael R. who just
started a new T-shirt business and brought me my new Tagbanger T-shirt
(‘Kick the Cat’ and ‘Peppers’), which are ace! If I was you, I’d go and check
out his shirt-website here and some of the other stuff he does here.

One hell of a weekend! Special thanks to the NS for keeping on derailing them
trains on Amsterdam Central Station. I took a train on Monday 10 pm, to arrive
in Rotterdam on Tuesday 1.30 in the am. Man, I gotta get a drivers license.


te weinig spiegels
en beton
ik draai me rug
er niet voor om

uit de (upcoming) bundel: ‘er wonen veel piraten in het oostblok’

Schaan / St. Gallen


Last weekend I went to Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

First, Saturday we went to see ‘Verschwende deine Jugend’ in Schaan.
Although we were a bit too late to see the fashion show by Les Enfants
Terribles (a Swiss Gesellschaft of fashion/design über-avant gardeers),
we did manage to see a lot of interesting performances and tons of home
made caipirinhas.

The day after we managed to conquer headaches the size of Liechtenstein
itself and drive of to St. Gallen (CH) where we went to see an installation in
the Neue Kunst Halle, called ‘Hyperespace’ by Gregory and Cyril Chapuisat.
Some of us dared not enter this eerie looking thing (as depicted above), but
the ones who did go in felt pretty uplifted by the womb-like cardboard
experience. Big wow!

After that I had a soup at the ‘Brasserie Embrasser’ and fell in love with the
napkin you can see at the bottom of the picture there. Imagine whiping your
shmützige Maul right in the middle of that. Nice, huh?



I told you in an earlier post that I had joined a trainingscamp. Well these things
I learned there, teached me a lot of stuff that I used in the last year, but it was
not enough. So the Force brought me to the east part of Europe again. And now
I know for sure that I found him, (no not Animal Chin), but Obi Wan Kenobi.
I know his hiding place, (as you can see on the picture above), and he teached
me some superb skills. His place was somewhere in former DDR (Deutsche
Democratic Republic), but you have to find it yourself (you can only have this
picture as a reference). He said that if I want to continue my search for wisdom,
I should go to Sofia in Bulgaria. Sofia means wisdom… I am there now, the force
brought me here, through former Karl Marx Stadt (Chemnitz, DDR), (Franz Kafka’s)
Prague, (ride through) Bratislava (Slovakia), Hungary and (Nikola Tesla’s)
Belgrado and the rest of Serbia. Now that I am here in Sofia, hopefully
I will understand what he wanted me to know… Strange, because the entire
country has a national disaster, because of so much raining. So, by the power of
water, the whole infrastructure of Bulgaria is F***ed, which leads to a lot of
chaos in the country. Why did Obi said that I had to go to Sofia. What does this
chaos mean (for me)? I will keep you posted about my answers…

De Nieuwe Kruiskade


I am in Doorn now, but thursday I will be travelling towards Prague and
Belgrado, to visit Bulgaria (again) as my final destination. I post this post
because from tonight on the CBK in Rotterdam shows my latest work ‘De
Nieuwe Kruiskade’, a videowork which will be playing every night the
upcoming two weeks on the windows at the CBK. It is a ‘slow art’ kind of
thing. If you walk by and watch the work you will be wondering if there is
anything going to happen…?