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voor de fattoe


Here’s another ace picture made by Rotterdam (photo) legend Roel van Tour
taken right before our ‘Parting’ performance at Las Palmas, Rotterdam (South).

Speaking of Roel van Tour, he and Victor Vroegindeweij and Jeroen S.
Rozendaal and Thorvald Kleve made a really nice documentary on R’dam
based poet Frans Vogel called ‘te gek moment’. Opening night is tomorrow
on Passionate’s GDMW (Geen Daden Maar Woorden) festival. If you’re still
not anxious to seeing that quite yet, let me inform you on the fact that ME,
MYSELF & I made the opening credits and graphic design for that particular
flick. It’s Sweet y’all, so be there!

The Vasabladet need us, and we need the Vasabladet


On the videostills above you get an impression about our ‘parting’ performance
we did last weekend at the MOPE 05 performance festival in Vasa, Finland.

Here you can see the invitation flyer front or back. And also check out some
publication thingy in the newspapers: Vasabladet and Pohjalainen.

videostills and invitation flyer: Tuomo Väänänen

verhuizen II


I’m moving into a new place. And though stuff like painting and cleaning and
grinding and getting cut and…, whatever, sucks pretty bad. The right music
will get you lifted and make you do the thing without too much brain damage.

These five wankers gave me the biggest appetite for construction these last
few days. Thanks Duff, Slash, Axl, Izzy and Steven. I couldn’t have done it
without y’all hillbillies. The definitive homewrecking album is (without doubt):
‘Appetite for Destruction’ – by the Guns N’ Roses

It rocks, it moves, it shakes. Axl screams ’n spits (and blurts out the most
terrible excuses for lyrics – which is just plain hilarious). And that Slash is
really from another planet (Planet Rock, I guess), whipping out not just high
speed rock-fueled solos, but pretty strong composition as well. Smart!

Anyway, before I get carried away… Other great moving albums are:

‘Electric Tongue EP’ – Oil (this EP just keeps getting better and better)
‘It’s Alive!’ – Ramones (wish I was there, what a new years’ eve party!)
‘Doris Day en andere stukken’ – Doe Maar (dutch delight)
‘13 Songs’ – Fugazi (backbone provider)
‘Ironman’ – Ghostface Killah (seems great for everything)

Two of our posters are in the new (september/october) issue of Items
(dutch design magazine). Check it out by clicking the top link in our media
publications (2005)


hier komt mijn bureau
en daar de tafel waaraan ik
voortaan zit

en straks als ik hier thuis kom,
bevindt zich het normale hier
maar dat is straks

ik denk aan
de spiksplinternieuwe persoon
die hier over een tijdje

zijn haar wast
wat schrijft
de telefoon pakt
en iemand belt
(die misschien iets zegt)

—20 minuten later—

een boterham smeert
gek wordt
dood gaat
niemand meer belt die dag.

mijn oude huis wist
langzaam vroege liefde uit
je was hier bijna thuis
(ze heeft haar eigen sleutel)

je had hier ook een ‘eigen la’
in een gietijzeren kast die straks
naast een
(volkomen onbekende)
cv ketel staat

HuMobisten tulossa luoksesi


On saturday september the 24th the HuMobisten will do the ‘Parting’ performance
in the Vasa City Arthall, (Vasa Finland) on performance festival MOPE05 (Movement
to Performance 05), where earlier (in the year 2002) they’ve been performing
their legendary ‘Come Closer And Ask Me For A Dance’ performance.

Parting – THE BLUES
Parting evidently sucks. Parting is loss. Parting means burying someone. Parting
is about sorrow and emotions you never even knew existed. Parting means
distance. Parting means letting go. Parting is admitting to the past. Parting can be
capricious. Parting is psychotic. To part eventually is a lonely experience. Parting
is leaving. Parting means drinking a helluvalot. Parting comes when you least
expect it. Parting is tough. Parting is playing a preordained game: check mate.
Parting is a destructive confirmation. Parting makes time stand still. Parting
causes nostalgia. Parting makes miracles happen, because parting causes

Parting – THE SOUL
Parting is weird and plain ordinary. Parting frees you. Parting hurts. Parting pays
off. Parting concludes. Parting defines the future. Parting is a transparent wall;
you can’t go back, yet you can look back. Parting can be postponed sometimes.
Actual parting clarifies intended parting. Parting takes time, but even an intended
parting is a genuine one. The actual parting takes place in a split second. Parting
affirms our urge for renewal. Parting can be romanticized, because it is such a
part of life. Parting provides the most beautiful compassion. Parting is about
‘two’, not ‘one’. Parting is of all people.

photo: Roel van Tour
thank you: Mees for help with translating.

Amsterdamme 02


This photocopied (bummer!) version out of my private collection of
‘the Groene amsterdammer’, turned only for this issue in 1988
in ‘the Groene rotterdammer’. They should change the name from
the magazine for always…

Statue of Liberty


Nah, this is in Kiev dude!

…before we kick it!


This Saturday LLIK starts with their monthly programming of good stuff
in Café Restaurant De Unie. Opening Party will be from 22.00 to 2.00,
so after the garagesale/flamishionism afternoon-thing in Boijmans (w/
Duvel Duvel & Drunken Lion Soundsystem) there’s De Unie w/ lots of
nice Deejayings (Femke aka My Little Sound System, Neef Dave and his
friend Dick aka Disco D & Digster and myself (aka de vogel), a great
installation by 113B and a kickass performance by MONO, who by the
way have a really weird new website right here.
After all this great fun, there’s a New Night Out in NOW&WOW named
Mondo Cane, w/ David Vunk and Seutek. styled by Bruno Giuntoli this
thing can’t go wrong…

Woei the Rozario


I called Woei, asking him if he wanted to go out clubbing, like the good old
days when we were at every party. So Saturday night Woei and I went Club Cruising
through Rotterdam. You could party all night in mostly all the clubs for just one
ticket. This Club Cruise concept isn’t new. In 2001 the HuMobisten (together
with Albert Hogeweg) made the concept for this simular event, and we created
Diskoopje™ which means something like Disco on Sale, and was about
clubshopping. And real Rotterdam people would recognise the Ter Meulen
(R.I.P.) logo, which was a Rotterdam department store. And in the mid 90’s
the magazine Update (R.I.P.) organised the first clubhopping Rotterdam experience.

Anyway, we started in Rotown to see 6 min. of the show from the band ‘Kraak
en Smaak’, and after one beer we decided to get the hell out of there, to take a
bicycle cab outside to Nighttown through the street where I live. Man, that was
fun. In Nighttown it was all about the boogie, cause the International Breakdance
Event was there to show us some moves. Breakers on every corner, which was
hilarious. Between the contest there were these crappy fashion shows, showing
you the newest brands for breakers and all that. I didn’t believe my eyes, that
the organisers did that. It was so lame and sell out. Why didn’t the breakers
shouted that this fashion thing was so fucked? Nothing stays real, and things
change, that’s for sure, cause to stay a little bit in history, a lot of you don’t know
this, but it was DJ Alien, Marcel Haug and me who created the concept for the
first IBE in 1998.

From Nightown we walked towards the Thalia Lounge, but when Woei and I
wanted to get in, the doorman said that Woei couldn’t enter cause he had Nike
Air Max sneakers on his feet. I said to this F**ker, do you know how limited
these pair of shoes are, and how rare this model is, and do you know how much
money we spoiled during clubbing over the last 14 years in Rotterdam? But hey,
nothing worked.. I will boycott this club for life, so should you. So we went to
Off_Corso at the otherside of the street, drinking a beer and decided that we
should move again, because we’ve been here to many. Outside there were a lot
of people waiting for transportation between the clubs. But ofcourse we arranged
(through skater style) immediately a bicycle cab to bring us to the Waterfront,
where there was ‘Rotterdam Rumble’. We only got to see King Khan & The Shrines.
The R’dam Rumble thing was kind of the opposite flow of the breakdance thing.
I think that’s the whole fun of this Clubcruising, that you can switch fast through
different scenes. From Waterfront we walked to Club Waas. It was a long time
ago that I’ve been there. Every week this Club send me personal SMS messages
about who’s playing and all that – sounds a little bit desperate to me – and I don’t
even know how they get my phonenumber, and desperate it is, cause this place
is lame, pfoee.. Then we took a real cab to the Now & Wow, where it was sooo
packed. Boyee, it was busy and sweaty there.. And I don’t know if you have ever
been there, but this place is big, and it was a full house. So I think there were
about 3000 people over there, all dressed up with the latest gear picked out of
the zines. Funny to see that almost everyone there wants to be seen, and by
doing so they all look the same, that they all are wearing a Now & Wow uniform,
haha… It reminds me of that scene from the motion picture The Wiz, ‘you got to
be seen green…’ After a while we took a cab back to the center, and Woei went
home with a girl. I wanted to go to the Vibes, but there was a very long line of
people in front of the door, so I ended up in the Bootleg DJ café to drink some
more, before I walked towards my bed, waking up Sunday morning with a
terrible hang over. Goshhh, like Napoleon Dynamite would say it.



Archigram: Experimental Architecture.
If you don’t know Archigram, you will now!

Photo: Archigram, Electronic Tomato, 1969
Credit: Warren Chalk, David Greene, Archigram