Monthly Archives: October 2005

Think (dif)ferent

Yesterday we were at the launch of the 3rd issue of the magazine DIF.
This magazine comes out once a year. We are in it, as you can see
over here. To stay a little bit in the global media thing, look what I found
out through (which is a new web-thingie of my friend Frank
Hartman), its’ so funny and check it over here. Our city is booming business.

embrace your hood


Yesterday a camera team of Cineac Pietje Bell walked by our office. They asked me some questions about safety in the neighbourhood. They did this because our
local government just upgrade the Rigardus Rijnhout (Hey I know his name!)
square. Anyway this local TV network Cineac Pietje Bell is hilarious. And ofcourse
Pietje Bell is one of our most famous Rotterdam youngsters ever…

videostill: Cineac Pietje Bell

Optimus Prime


Last Wednesday my parents new thing ‘theatre / arthall’ was opened by our
Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende. For me it was weird, asking myself, what
kind of family is this.. Well it’s mine. My parents will be 60 soon, but they
always come up with something new… I went there with Geert and his wife Aki,
and boyeee we had fun. Also a lot of union people were there of the CNV and
FNV. Besides opening speeches of my father and the Prime Minister there were
also speeches of Cox Habbema, René Paas and others and performances by
various musicians. It was funny to hear that these blokes were so keen on my
father… You see him (the bold guy) on the left with JP (small picture).

photos: Aki Abe



Being sick (killing throat ache), hangin’ on the couch and surfin’ the stations
occasionally pays off. Here’s what tv had to offer me: THE ARCTIC MONKEYS
and their song ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’. Go see that video.
Phoo-heee… Is that HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT or what!?!!

LLIK’s oktober Revolution


This weekend LLIK’s bombin’ de Unie w/ way too much good stuff.
1st, next Friday there’s this ‘Hitsige Herfstnacht’ (Felatious Fall-night)
with live performances by the DGG and upcoming Rotterdam indie
sensation ‘The Hands’. Links are all to be found on the LLIK website
so please go there, if you want to find out about whatever… Anyway
Femke, Rick, Nadine and Nanna, Marcel and Me will be playing our
vinyl til the break-a-dawn (10 – 5!). Be sure to dress razor sharp as
marcel’s new photo scheme is already developing on the LLIK site.

Then, next Sunday there’s this new experiment, called ‘LLIK’s Lacht-
club, komt een man op de jazz-avond…’ (that sure is one hell of a
name for a night —meaning, amongst others, LLIK’s Laughing Club—)

LLIK takes you back to the roaring nightclub scene of the Lenny Bruce
era. Wild jokes, wild booze n’ wild jazz. Provided for by The Benjamin
Herman Trio (takin’ care of Bop), Steve Hughes, Marina Franklin (who’s
been on Chapelle’s Show) and Sean Meo, about whom is once
said ‘Sean Meo is quite simply the most unpleasant comedian I have
ever had the misfortune to see…’ (takin’ care of jokes) and the Unie
(Mauritsweg 35, Rotterdam) takin’ care of All That Booze!!!

Since Night Club parties are really supposed to be pimpin’ like there’s
no tomorrow, this party will cost you 10 whole euros. Besides, wanna
be really suave? take your party out to dinner beforehand, the Unie
Restaurant’s open that Sunday just for the occasion.



My dear website visitors can have a sneak preview on this new T-shirt
which is going to be released on the label manonthemoon international
next week. The concept of the shirt is based on a previous post on our
website. I hope you like the shirt, I know I do. The shirt will be available
in the sizes S, M, L and XL. Let me know if you want to order one…



God’s Gym


I just finished reading the book ‘God’s Gym’ by Leon de Winter. The book is
about very actual issues. I am not a book reviewer, So I won’t explain what’s
inside. But to stay a little bit in that book theme, look at this flyer we’ve made
for the Krakatau special, which will be released in December. That issue will be
all about religion. Maybe I have to send a copy to Leon de Winter.

stuff I did and am about to do…


Last week was kind of crazy. Here it is…

If you were there at the Bling party at BUMB (bar underground music bunker)
(ouwe Blauwe Vis), with MC Andrew Makkinga (lagerhuis / 3voor12) and The
Talented Mr. Wix, you know it could become a wild place! Friends from out of
had to tell me of this exquisit place, which reminded me a lot of Michael
Mann films / TV Series.

Then on Friday we had the Frans Vogel Film at the ‘LLIK in de Unie’ place. See
some pictures of that here.

Saturday, I went to the legendary 10 years of TopNotch party w/ earth moving
performances by Jawat, Opgezwolle, Duvel Duvel and Kubus and a pretty weird
Extince show, zogezegdzogediggietothedizza…

Sunday was all about recharging batteries, but that Big Monday in Rotown
with the New Cool Collective Big Band was just plain awesome. Boy, 19 cats
sure make a lot of noise. If you want to see Benjamin Herman again soon,
or if you just enjoy a good laugh as much as any other, come to this party
on the 23rd of this month. It’s going to be a blast!

Anyway, I’m playing my new vinyl at the Off_Corso Lounge next thursday
from 2 ’til 4 in the a’s and m’s at the Helden Avond. So come (to Butthead…)

Next Friday there’s a first opening of the Blaak 10 Academic Gallery —which
is hosted by the ungirliest girl in the world, Natasa Heydra— starring Hidde
van Schie, Silvia Vergeer, Martijn van Berkum, Oskar Lindstrom and the
one and only Albert Braun, who the HuMobisten met when they were them-
selves in Nykarleby (I remember we stayed at the Juhtbacka, a hostel where
Gyz and me were the only inhabitants. There weren’t even people working
there. Kubrickian times, baby).

Inky, Pinky, Blinky or Clyde


One of the four ghosts from the game Pacman ate our Giant.
I wonder if it was Clyde.