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Next Thursday (tomorrow) I’m being interviewed on HuMobism at District Q at
Off_Corso. Other guests are Machine, Eboman and Siebe Thissen, so you have
no reason not to show up. It all starts ’round 9.30 (in the pm) and costs you
and your friends 2 euros each. So if you want to find out about my thoughts
on art and stuff, be there! (click the District Q logo in our ‘upcoming gigs’ section
to down a PDF file with more information).

De techniek is bijna bovennatuurlijk. (tram)


This is were it all started with. On the picture above you’ll see the work
‘everyone can Paint’, which really was the introduction of the HuMobisten
duo at the Centrum Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam. And outside you see
us (as part of our first performance ‘everyone can Communicate’), and that
was about what is being said, really?

Upcoming February our bookie (about our work from the last 5 years) will
come out, I can’t wait…

photo: Natasa Heydra (In the year 2000)

I forgot to add this link (in dutch).

beats dubbing…


If you don’t know Subtitle, be sure not to miss LLIK’s Anatomie van de Hip-Hop
party next saturday, where Subtitle and his inimitable vocal stylings will perform
live! (at the good old Unie, naturellement) ’round midnight.
Funny to know ‘De Rev’ once claimed Subtitle is the hip-hop equivalent of this
guy. See/hear for yourself. And don’t forget there’s also the Black Soil Hip Hop
Film Festival going on that night and Friday and Sunday. Quite the weekend for
all yous dawgs.



Do you ever have that feeling that you’re just not doing enough? Or at least,
not quite enough things you ought to be doing. I’m experiencing that feeling
for some time now. I don’t know for how long, now. This last week for sure,
but it could very well be this entire year. I really don’t keep track of those
things. Also, I tend to start analysing those weird feelings —that feel more
like small breezes or nasty itches than actual feelings— once they come back
on a regular REGULAR basis. And that’s what’s happening now.

So, here we are. I’m producing tons of stuff every week, mostly with my
bestest buddy the GZA (AKA Gyz) and I’m usually perfectly happy with the
results to that work. But it’s like ‘I can’t get no satisfaction’, you see?

So, I figured I’d like to make something really real now. Something hard,
something that’ll take me some real effort finding out what it should become
and how it should become so. Something classic. Something big. It needn’t
be something fresh or hip or even new. Just something to keep me focussed
for a while. Like a book. Or maybe a series of paintings. A manifesto about
everything. A documentary. An opera. A pop record. Hell, a short story would
be nice.

So my friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I guess I won’t be seeing
as much of all of you as we’d (might) like. I am going to be in my room. My
phone’s going to be off the hook for a while. ‘Moderate’ will be the key word
when it comes to party and bar attending. I predict an era of an almost
sacred devotion to working. Enough with the ‘macro’ thinking, it’s time to get
really close to the matter. And all because it’s simply something that I feel I
must do.

On the other hand, it could be a phase that lasts a week or so. I still surprise
myself often when it comes to ‘what am I?’ or maybe I just haven’t decided
what I want to be when I grow up. (When I saw ‘The Electric Horseman’ about
two weeks ago, I wanted —for the first time in my life— to become a cowboy.)

How, you ask, did I come up with this shit? Well, it’s pretty simple. Last
monday I went over to my friend Jeroen. We laughed some, made some
minor changes to the vogels website, saw ‘Spuiten en Slikken’ (which we
thought was just excellent television) and afterwards Jeroen showed me a
‘documentary’ called Tonite let’s all make love in London. A film described
in the picture displayed above as ‘Peter Whiteheads definitive statement
on the swinging city’. A lovely film on London Pop Culture in 1967, with
an extreme lot of A-level interviews with Michael Caine, Mick Jagger, Lee
Marvin (on mini skirts, hilarious!) and the best of ’em all’s one where
David Hockney monologues on the London Pub situation and how he
refuses to pay a pound for a beer in a club. Especially when it’s the
governments’ way of getting the workers into bed on time (since they
can only afford cheaper beers in pubs that close early, unlike bars in
San Francisco where bars close at the only reasonable time, namely
2 o’ clock). I was especially amazed with Hockneys’ hairstyle and decided
to check out all of his work soon.

What do you know? the next day I’m accidentally in the library (to meet
up with one sexy dame) and —as I have a bit of time on my hands— I
decide to check out his stuff. It’s all good. As in ‘nothing is bad’. Not one
of his works topped his looks, though. So I reckoned, I’m taking the hair
style and the work will basically make itself. All I need to do is forget about
these dreadful clubs and spend more nights in my studio.

To make a short story long.

(picture of me thinking by Menno Mono, who I shall not link to the mono
website again…)

Parties vs. Pain


Last Friday, november 11th we went to Maastricht to party hard at the
Ipanema/Bonnefanten Museum’s AGOGO party. I guess we informed
you guys on that. What we hadn’t told you was that that day Carnaval
(sort of a Dutch Carnival) started in M-Town and that we saw two excellent
(yet rather old) DJ’s do their thing. We immediately ordered our main
assistant Menno Mono to take pictures of these guys. He followed them
everywhere and took about twelve thousand pictures of the event. Since
we have only so much memory/space to upload stuff, here’s five of ’em.

If you’re from around Rotterdam don’t forget to go to the WORM opening
next Saturday. They got this new place in the West-side area (an ancient
V.O.C. building) pretty close to my house, so I’m there and I’m drinkin’.

Then next sunday there’s an opening party at Cucosa, celebrating new
work by Evelien de Jong and —my old art school class mate— Richard
Trifunovic (both painters). Our buddy Robert Rosenau and his new band
Delegos are playing ’round 16.00, so shake off that WORM hangover w/
new, fresh beers at one of Rotterdams nicest art communities.

Peace… in the Middle Ease
(anyone saw that israeli border cops documentary on ‘3’ yesterday? That
was just sickening… I saw it right after ‘Oprah in New Orleans’. The Horror…
I can’t help but loving Oprah. I guess her showing that to the US people
truly makes a difference, consciousness-wise — you know… You go, girl!)

Lost in Spacing


If you’re in Amsterdam tomorrow night for no particular reason except maybe
that you live there (who needs an extra reason then, eh?), don’t hesitate to go
to the ‘Zinnelijk Stappen*’ night, with performances by (amongst many others)
Bart und Ernst. Those guys just crack me up… The flyer (displayed above) is
made by the infamous Kaus Wunderlich (aka Kaus van de 7-kampse snackbar).
Hailing from Kampu, that thug ain’t nothin’ but shits ’n tricks ’n tricks ’n shit.
Check out his ‘loch’ right where the name Kaus Wunderlich is blue and clickable.

*which sort of means: ‘literally literary steppin’ out in a most sensual fashion’.
So… Starts at 8.30 pm. at ‘Perdu’, Kloveniersburgwal 86, Asterdam. 6 euros.

Langs de Maas…


…staan mooie gebouwen. Hier kun je de twee laaste interviews over/met
mij lezen. Één in de DIMI en één in het ADRotterdamsDagblad met m’n mams.
Vooral het interview met m’n moeder is mad gers.

The Great Dictator


2 weeks ago my mysterious friend ‘—-’ or ‘++++’ and I went to the exhibition
about Charlie Chaplin in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. You can walk through his
whole movie career. I like the films Modern Times (a story of industry of
individual enterprise-humanity crusading into the pursuit of happiness) and The
Great Dictator
the most. I don’t know if you believe in mystical stuff, or in yin
yang. But the opposite of Hitler was definitely Charlie Chaplin. Both were born in
the same week of the same month in the same year. And both of them had the
same trademark, namely the moustache. Also they knew to use the new medium
called film splendidly. I find this so interesting. It’s like Charlie was here for a
reason, he was the only one in Hollywood (while Hollywood was and is in Jewish
hands) to make a critical (blockbuster) film about the Nazis. And while Charlie
Chaplin never spoke in his films, he speaks in The Great Dictator at the end of
the film (It’s like he was born to do this speech and making this film). This is
what he said (It’s still uptodate).

Check out my Charlie Chaplin little video loop.

V.O.F. de Kunst


Razanne, Razanne
Razanne. ik ben stapelgek op jou

Yes, I know it’s old news!



Last Saturday We performed at ‘11’ as part of an ‘Amsterdam Museum
Night’ side programme. That was lots of fun. We did an adapted version
of our 2002 performance ‘Come Closer…’ which was a nice experience.
Sure thing loads of beautiful people actually came closer and danced
a HuMobist-Samba with the two of us and give us hell as our physical
‘shapes’ aren’t really fit enough for this performance. (a thing that over
the years has accidentally added to the meaning of the thing.)

Wonderful pictures by Menno Mono

Thank you Robert Rosenau, Floor Cornelisse and everyone that showed
up to see us, we are nothing without y’all! (especially with the performances
that are principally ABOUT the audience, I guess).

I stayed at the Post CS building for the entire rest of the night, enjoying
art and stuff… (sippin’ on gin ’n juice). Exciting moment: Imagine how I
felt when suddenly I noticed Femke Halsema enjoying the Rineke Dijkstra
show at the SMCS. She’s certainly all-that-and-then-some…

If you’re a HuMobisten fan hailing from the beautiful town of Maastricht
don’t forget to go see us ‘do something’ next friday at the Bonnefanten
Museum, billing alongside (amongst others) Monica Electronica (click
upcoming gigs ‘AGOGO’ button for more information on that).