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a way to train the brain

is een way
via computergestuurde
in een van
bepaalde richting
te beïnvloeden

Here I am now, entertain me…


Last weekend was full of 80’s entertainment (system, the NES™, you know?). First
of all I went to see King Kong. If you feel numb, like I did last friday, this is the
thing to do. Dazzling special effects, in a classic lovely love story, dude! And on
Saturday and Sunday I went to the Twin Peaks Marathon ‘Damn fine coffee!’.
Goshhh, that was a ride… I am Twin Peaked now, haha… And besides all of the
Laura Palmer topics, I still found time to finish reading the biography of C.B.
Vaandrager aka ‘Vaan’. Which is a must reader if you’re a Rotterdam fanatic,
like me…

photo: The lovely girls Sage and Erin Bolte with me (on the right) and that hairstyle..
(kind of unisex thing, laughter..)
1986, Hollywood, Universal Studios™

Entry #300: Meet The Maestro


We were asked by the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the
Kunstgebouw (Delft?) to design an identity for their soon starting annual
educational project called ‘Meet the Maestro’. During MTM, each year —
starting next year— a super talented and obstinate film director will be the
focus of attention. This year, as you can see, it’s Michael Haneke, of whom
I’ve seen quite some films and can highly recommend the films ‘Funny Games’
and (especially) ‘Le temps du loup’, which is a stunning apocalyptic forecast-
type movie that shows people aren’t really different from other animals. It’s
merely a matter of circumstances.

Anyway, we came up with this universal Maestro-ic ‘M’ that wears a bow-tie
as if he’s a sort of chef or a maître or a conductor of some sort. Influenced by
some of our heroes that we don’t mention too often, like Paul Rand or Saul
Bass, we thought it nice to create a sort of suspensy look to the whole thing.

We were facing seemingly un-do-able deadlines, but in cooperation with some
of our own most talented friends we pulled it off. We managed to come up with
a whole identity, an eleven second trailer (animated by the one and only Cosh
of Cosh Studios / Sound Design by Lucas van der Velden and Gideon Kiers
of Telcosystems) and a website (built by Frank ‘Das ist ein Hund’ Hartman).
Hats off to all of you and the good people at the IFFR and the Kunstgebouw.

Check out all the good stuff right here.



Finally you can order this shirt at at the Mens Special
section. Sorry for the delay, But I was on the moon…



This photo is very funny, I think.. Now you’re wondering where the
certificate stands for. Find out yourself.

photo: Frank Hanswijk

‘Hugh Names’

kwik, kwek & kwak
Er zit veel temperament
in de temperatuur

Mark ‘Gator’ Rogowski
Jij bezweek
toen het ‘street’ werd

De y is heel Art
Feyenoord nam em
dus ik ook



If you’re in Istanbul tomorrow, you can see our short film ‘True Love’ at
the Akbank Kisa Film Festival. They selected our film in the international
selection of the program. You can see our film at 11:00 and at 18:30 in Cuma.
Pretty cool, huh!?

Drop Shop



manonthemoon international speelt winkeltje
tonite at the lonka party in bitterzoet

winkeltje closes at 00:00
see you there or not

Oh Ja speciale pre-sale of the first ever
manothemoon international featuring series
by Ingsoc


PS: From December 13th you can order the shirt through

more info?

als ik zeg ‘De LLIK Courant…’


Here’s another picture taken by Roel van Tour. It takes the viewer into the
miracle world called ‘my kitchen’ where it’s me and my bud Proberen cookin’
up another LLIK scam. More pictures of the two of us right here in the media
section as the AD/RD printed an article on ‘LLIK in De Unie’ today.