Act 2: ‘performance’


Tomorrow a secret sort of trinity will perform their very first performance
disguised as the enchanting Eline (with no pineapple suit, alas!). Let’s all
hope she either trips, burps, or makes her usual sort of cool remarks…

All this good clean fun is because of Peter de Groot (AKA Peter de Selfkiller)
launching his debut collection of poems and aphorisms in the Locus 010.
Peter is also the main editor of poetry magazine Krakatau, maybe if you
come ’round he’ll pass you some goodies…

starts at 9 / free entrance / (A must see for female exchange students!!!)

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  1. K
    Posted March 11, 2005 at 2:26 pm | Permalink

    peter, strik je veter, breek de tent af
    haf en paf en breek de tent af