Als je van de trap afvalt…


Tomorrow night there’ll be an ‘opening party’ of ex graffiti writers and ex
punk kids displaying their vision on the hottest issue on the municipal agenda,
namely the highly important ‘safety first’ thing. Besides a ‘work’ of ourselves,
there’ll be dazzle-lights (lichtbakken) designed by (amongst others) Luuk
Bode, Zedz, LOKISS and the David Gilmour Girls. Swell! ‘Who produces such
wonderous events?’, you ask, and could it be anything else than a team up
of these and these wonderful people(?)… Opening party starts at nine thirty
in the World Trade Center ‘Diamond Room’ (sounds pretty kinky to me).

The dazzle lights themselves are situated at ‘Steiger’, a Rotterdam canal street
situated on the backside of the ‘Korte Hoogstraat’, where for instance comic
(book) store Yendor is located. Clearly y’all did not expect otherwise of us than
to come up with a bold statement on the ‘Waarom? DAAROM!’ campaign,
which —according to us— has nothing to do with clear and evident politics.

Nightly visits reccomended.
Just don’t sue us if you get mugged…