be there, or be teraer


Actually, Siebe, I must admit I’ve been suffering from a bad case of mean reds
these last few days. In need of shoulders to cry on, but finding hardly the time
nor courage to use those sparsely found shoulders to actually cry on. Or maybe
I just thought the time wasn’t quite right yet.

Anyway, if you’re here to be informed on existential poetry, elitist comedy, the
‘avant garde’, mind-boggling performances and other profound art stuff easily
mistaken for premature introspections and sanctified absurdity, you’ve certainly
come to the right place today.

In reversed order: Next Sunday is the (long awaited) very first Nietteraere
(which is probably not very amusing when you’re not a Dutch speaker).
Four people who taught me one or two things on life, realism and beauty came
up with the perfect outlet for their wonderful thoughts, namely ‘a good old
fashioned power display’. Some people speak of ‘performances’ or even say
‘manifestation’ and use it as an actual word, but let’s just say there’s a show-
room for words and jokes and De Bubbelebim, Ernst and Eline —the before
mentioned enfants terribles— are using this place to let us, the common man,
take a peak in their outrageously funny universe. If we’re willing, that is. For
a manifestation such as this one, one must leave scepticism and scruples at
home and enjoy this intimate spectacle with their eyes closed and their minds
open. Not that I think that YOU, my dearest HuMobisten weblog readers, are
EVER prejudiced. It’s just that I used to be it all the time (and, thank god, still
am sometimes) but realised that I was funnier when I felt prejudiced all the
time, but LIFE was a lot funnier when I decided not to be the obnoxious, self
absorbed critic slash ‘comic cynic’ no more. It’s the kind of ‘coming of age’
sort of intelligence that you suspect you’d learn to appreciate around the age
of eighteen or so, but somehow landed on my plate a good ten years later.

Anyway, talking of Max (In whoms squat the Nietteraere Avond will take place:
Aelbrechtskade 100, 5 min. walk from “Delfshaven” subway stop, starting 8 pm).
He’s quite a character, a genuine renaissance man and a well known producer
of all kinds of parties. This next Saturday (also starting at 8 pm) he and some
of his classmates ‘helped out’ Mareike, who’s throwing an exquisite house
warming party in ‘South’ (Delistraat 48 in Katendrecht, next to the Player
where the party will continue ’round midnight). Amongst loads of things to see
Max asked ME to be the bartender for a special reason. If you think you can
handle that, come see me and a lot of housewarming stuff next saturday.

All this good fun’s free of charge, so…


  1. Gyz La Riviere
    Posted May 18, 2005 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

    To be prejudiced is a disease.
    Oftewel nadelig, het zit al in het woord.

  2. Max
    Posted May 20, 2005 at 12:27 pm | Permalink

    Er is wat miscommunicatie omtrent het huisnummer van Mareike ontstaan. Het is naamlijk op nummer 44.
    Excuses voor het ongemak.