Bye, bye! beautiful boys…


As I told you fellas earlier, oil —one of my favourite dutch bands— split up
recently. I used to go on tour with them quite some times as t-shirt vendor
and sort of as the friend that kept the group together. I went touring with
these guys three times in total. Once, we went to the UK, where we met
Andy and became friends of Andy. Then there was the time we went on a
sort of scandinavian tour (which sounds better than it actually was, let me
—the guy sleeping in the van somewhere near the polar circle at minus
fifteen— assure you of that!) And finally, the best of tours (where I took
the above displayed pictures) when we went thru the warm parts of Europe.
Sorry again for my ‘short cut’ through the Pyrenees, Peter. (Remember that
weird dog!?!)

Our beloved Nuge wasn’t even a member back then. Back then it was:
Nicholas, Jasper, Peter, Marcel and Robin. (the original line-up was quite
different, but I guess in retrospect THAT was the official Oil line-up.)

Seen clockwise from upper left corner:
Jasper (St. Tropez); Marcel (waking up at a Park Platz, Austria); just
another Raststätte; Robin (just being young and lusty); rear view window
(for some reason you start doing that shit when you’re in a van 24/7 for
two weeks); Marcel and Robin (Barcelona); Oil (St. Tropez).


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    haha. oh ja. dat was monaco dude! st tropez is zo 2003. young en lusty. jeweettoch.

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