Cinema Club


I told you in earlier posts about my upcoming VJ gig in Kiev. Well, I
went there last weekend. The city is awesome! It’s the Jerusalem of the
Russian Orthadox Church combined with Stalinist architecture. The peeps
in the club are so full of energy. I think it has to do with the orange revolution
that just happened some months ago. They will have their summer of love
this upcoming summer, so go there this summer if you want to be a part of it.
It reminds me of clubbing in Holland ten years ago… But time has changed
here. Anyway, on the picture above you see the visual set up in the Club
Cinema and DJ Michel hanging out with me. Michel is living there now and
speaks the Russian language superb. More about Kiev soon.

Along with DJ Perry and blasting Speedy J there were more Rotterdam locals
over there giving this party a classic Rotterdam vibe. Boeeyyy they liked it!