don’t let money change ya


Ja meneertje, je dacht zeker dat ik het vergeten was. Hè?

Last saturday after having some coffees and vodkas in one of my favourite
saturday afternoon cafes, reading my new book (Truman Capotes’ ‘In Cold
Blood’), running into old friends and more recent hos and asking tourists
about thanksgiving (I’m planning on throwing a thanksgiving dinner this year
to celebrate the ongoing influence America has on my life and to celebrate
friendship in general, naturellement), anyway… after all that good fun, I went
to my friend J’s house who had called me just as I was flipping back through
the pages to find out who was who again (that book seems just crammed w/
Although I’ve been there numerous times I suddenly felt the urge to express
my feelings about the look of the house. I didn’t supress it and told J. (who
shall remain nameless, because this isn’t a pretty story) that I really liked his
house and ‘what he’d done with it’. And just as I did so I realised that his life-
size Anton Corbijn portrait of Ian Curtis (see the pic above and imagine it
being a zillion times bigger) was gone. I’ve seen it in several of his houses,
but somehow I suspected the thing didn’t quite make it to this new one.
When I asked J. about the whereabouts of this poster, he started this rap on
it being kind of old and dirty (but since I like it raw, that didn’t work for me)
then he suggested that it had been in his room ever since he was a teenager
and that it was ‘maybe time for a change’ and all that crap… Hey, that’s all
well and good, but asking him what he’d done with that really big poster he
told me he’d ripped it to shreds, because he needed the sound of paper being
torn to pieces for some movie soundtrack. ‘This way’, my friend claimed ‘the
recorded sound provides for the poster to always live on in audio format’.
Man, I ask of thee, wouldn’t that have been just the ultimate gift for his first
born child, or at least some magical thing that could have been kept in the
family for all time? Maybe I’m being somewhat emotional about it all, but that
poster was just really beautiful, man…

This might be a good occasion to show you all this really nice picture of Peter
Saville’s office. Or maybe it’s an office designed by Peter Saville. Who cares?!
It just looks fucking te erg! check it out…


  1. Eline
    Posted May 10, 2005 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

    Ik heb nog tientallen posters van 3T liggen.
    Als troost…?

  2. max
    Posted May 10, 2005 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

    Bedankt voor het lenen van Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Kijken we binnenkort ook de film?

    Altijd leuk als ik weer iets in een post vind om op te reageren…

  3. Rufus.K
    Posted May 13, 2005 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    Alhoewel Audrey de beste Holly Golightly is die ik me maar kan voorstellen, is de film toch niet helemaal zo lekker als het boek…

    Romantiek volgens Hollywood blijkt anders dan romantiek volgens Capote. Helaas. Toch is de scene van het belachelijke huisfeestje zowiezo al de moeite waard om heel die film te checken. Wow! Iedereen is lupa en de samenstelling van de crowd is helemaal te gek!