Last Saturday We performed at ‘11’ as part of an ‘Amsterdam Museum
Night’ side programme. That was lots of fun. We did an adapted version
of our 2002 performance ‘Come Closer…’ which was a nice experience.
Sure thing loads of beautiful people actually came closer and danced
a HuMobist-Samba with the two of us and give us hell as our physical
‘shapes’ aren’t really fit enough for this performance. (a thing that over
the years has accidentally added to the meaning of the thing.)

Wonderful pictures by Menno Mono

Thank you Robert Rosenau, Floor Cornelisse and everyone that showed
up to see us, we are nothing without y’all! (especially with the performances
that are principally ABOUT the audience, I guess).

I stayed at the Post CS building for the entire rest of the night, enjoying
art and stuff… (sippin’ on gin ’n juice). Exciting moment: Imagine how I
felt when suddenly I noticed Femke Halsema enjoying the Rineke Dijkstra
show at the SMCS. She’s certainly all-that-and-then-some…

If you’re a HuMobisten fan hailing from the beautiful town of Maastricht
don’t forget to go see us ‘do something’ next friday at the Bonnefanten
Museum, billing alongside (amongst others) Monica Electronica (click
upcoming gigs ‘AGOGO’ button for more information on that).

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  1. nicole .
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    beautiful pictures ‘n content!