fatal distraction


All Movie quote: ‘Chinese director Zhang Yimou fuses a martial arts action-drama with a tragic romance in this elegant period piece.’ That’s the absolute truth about ‘The House of Flying Daggers’, which I went to see last weekend. A stunning film packed with beautifully choreographed dance slash fighting scenes. The scene especially that takes place high in the bamboo trees is filmed with such elegance and in such a romantic style (or in such a stylish romance) that it makes you think twice about your own ‘elegance’ and swiftness more than once.

Anyway, I couldn’t really focus on the plot or the camera work or what have you. Regular HuMobisten weblog readers must know by now that I can only be distracted from a film’s plot because: A. the soundtrack is just RAD or B. Either Uma Thurman or Audrey Hepburn stars in this film. Neither A nor B was the case for this flick (which I’m probably going to buy on DVD as soon as it’s out), but you guessed quite in the right direction when you thought this had to be somtin’ involving a fair lady’s presence. Zhang Ziyi is just out of this world. I can try, but I could never really explain what I truly feel about this magical girl.

Once I was at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (which starts pretty soon) and saw Maggie Cheung walking out of the same theatre as I was in (we both went to see her European premiere for Irma Vep) and thought she was a dream, but I guess Zhang even topped her if it’s about pure visual astonishment. It’s all in the eye of the beholder of course, but these women seem to understand and advert the filosophy that true beauty is not even about how one looks, instead it’s more obviously displayed in their every move, breath, glance or even absence.



  1. leon
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    Het IFFR.

    Hoe verheug ik me op de nieuwe Kar-Wei. De nieuwe Solondz. De nieuwe Moodysson. Koningsdagen. Koningsdagen.

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    i like hero better