Fetch the Engine


Here’s the problem. Yesterday morning Gyz called me about the bombings
in London. So I knew about them. I watched some tv and went here (the old
office). I then forgot about it. Did some work, posted a piece on ‘birds’ (see
yesterdays post), went for something to eat at Rotown, talked (amongst other
things) about the London situation and what it meant to the world with high
school comrade Joachim, who was sitting at the table next to mine and finally
I went home to paint some (which eventually I didn’t do).

When I was home I turned on the tv again and put it on a dutch channel (Ned.
2) to see the entire ‘show’ with all the angles and what have you. I don’t know
why they do this, but every time a ‘really big event’ is taking place (such as
famous soccer player weddings, nine eleven, burials of princes, stuff like that)
the dutch broadcasting network gladly sacrifices their regularly scheduled air
time for a continuous media mix of live updates, all sorts of ‘specialised talking
heads’ in studios, mini items on the event throughout history (yesterday I saw
‘subway bombings throughout the last century – a brief summary’), interwiews
with traumatized witnesses and interviews with dutch people of widely varied
opinions. Anyway, so be it, but I truly cannot see why, if something really nice
happens —like some guy baking a really huge pie— there will never be a
night-long special about a happy event such as that. Pie bakers enter the studio
to report on their experiences on baking huge pie, then there’s a nice edit on
huge pie baking throughout the last hundred years, I mean… c’mon man! Why
can’t there be something like that? And I really don’t believe reasons like ‘people
don’t want to see good news, they want to see bad news so that they can feel
good about their shitty lives… that’s just crap!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this while you all see pictures of ‘Rushmore’ and
‘Johnny Wonka’ underneath the london subway map is the following. After an
hour of Ned. 2 watching I came to another conclusion, namely that I began to
understand how bad these violent acts really were only because I had seen the
consequences on tv. I had talked about the bombings, thought about them, but
I could only FEEL what discusting and horrible situation it must have been when
I saw it on tv. Then I turned the tv off. I had seen enough. I knew how bad it
was and dutch ‘specialists’ had informed me on how dangerous it was and how
dangerous it will be for us, the dutchies! My oh my… How convenient this all is
for some people who are really better of when the people are scared stiff.

That’s when I knew I had to do something completely different, after all it
were the phlegmatic Londonners on London streets who inspired me to remain
calm and check out Wes Andersons ‘Rushmore’ again. It was then that I found
out Owen Wilson was co-creditted ‘writer’ on that thing as well, just like on ‘the
royal tenenbaums’, which I had first seen a week ago when recording ‘the new
generation of Rotterdam math-rockers’ the hands’ first effort in a studio (which
went splendid). Since yesterday I’m sure these two guys (Wes Anderson and
Owen Wilson) mean a lot to me. They have the capability to sooth me in my
darkest moments with their fairytale-like love and life stories. So thank you,
gentlemen. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to escape everyday hassle
by letting me be in another universe for one and a half hours. Just like I expect
Tim Burtons’ ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ to do when I go see that.
See the magnificent trailer over here. Today I read Wes Anderson is also
working on a ‘Roald Dahl film’, namely ‘The fantastic Mr. Fox’. I remember
reading it when I was an even smaller child and that I was imagining eating all
the food Mr. Fox had collected at one point in the book. It was just such a nicely
balanced accumulation of niceness and feelgood. Only Roald Dahl could do that
back then. And that’s about all I recall from that book. All that food… and all
the niceness.


  1. Gyz La Riviere
    Posted July 8, 2005 at 5:07 pm | Permalink

    Cool story dude!
    You should move to Belgium, they didn’t broadcast
    London’s terror the whole afternoon. This small place
    called Belgium is quite big in some thinking…

  2. Posted July 10, 2005 at 6:17 pm | Permalink

    Check out SBS-pretnieuws and Hart van Nederland for the latest news about Pie-makers and the likes…

  3. Mees
    Posted July 11, 2005 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    Jeugdjournaal is een erg goed alternatief.
    Goed en slecht nieuws worden afgewisseld.

  4. rufus.k
    Posted July 12, 2005 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    ja, daar heb ik het juist over. jeugdjournaal. dat nieuws geldt toch net zo goed voor volwassenen? of vinden die goed nieuws ineens niet interessant meer. Ik kijk voornamelijk de herhaling van het late journaal (vanwege praktische tijdsindeling), maar midden in de nacht wordt het jeugdjournaal niet herhaald. voor het goede nieuws is te weinig belangstelling. zo maakt ‘de media’ zich m.i. schuldig aan stemmingmakerij. het gaat hier (op deze bol) blijkbaar alleen maar slecht. maar dat is natuurlijk niet zo. toch?