find the ultimate ‘now art’ on eBay


From Dalí, it’s quite a step to this post post modern work. On the other hand,
if it wasn’t for Duchamp, who was in the surrealist group with Salvador, the
world wouldn’t have been pestered as much with questions like ‘what is art?’,
or maybe even ‘what’s reality?’. Anyway, someone managed to finally do it and
build the world an operating time machine. Put it on sale thru eBay, of course
(where else would we find a piece of furniture as delicate and strange as this
one). For me, I’d find it strange if the MoMA, the Saatchi’s or maybe the Caldic
Co. would not open up their collection to the newest art forms, as presented by
nameless artists, reflecting the ultimate art in a world gone ultimately mad.

Here’s some of the notes as found on eBay. Funny? Maybe… It all seems logical
and in a weird way familiar, but doesn’t that go for every main invention. Watch
out professor Barabas, here’s the truth on time travelling!

“I know the next question on your mind, “how does it work”. Let’s just say it’s a
lot easier than sling-shotting yourself around the sun in order to travel back in

It uses a displacement field of the space-time continuum. By folding time upon
itself you can travel through a “tunnel” and arrive at your designated year,
month, date, and even time.

To operate, just flip the switch and this turns on the flux capacitor, aligns the
dilithium crystals, powers up the the double A’s, and creates the chrono- field.
Once all lights are on, punch in the date on the keypad that you would like to
visit. remember to use mm/dd/yyyy format.”

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  1. Posted April 22, 2005 at 10:29 am | Permalink

    everybody has a time machine

    look at your left wrist. now puch the set date buttons to your desired date. (or for older models turn the dial) you are now in a different timezone.

    Its based on Eisteins theory where it’s all relative

    remember to be carefull about changing the past for it will affect the future.

    Hej Gyz remember that the movie back to the future was released in 1985 jammer he one year to late