Gator, dude!


Again a film tip. This one is about the rise and fall of ‘Gator’. When I started
skateboarding round 1987, Gator was the shit. He was Mr. Skateboard back
then and had so many coverage in (skateboard)magazines in these days.

In the 80’s skateboarding was all about vert instead to the 70’s, when it was
all about pool skating. My first influences of independent youngsters were
these vert skaters like Gator, Hosoi, Jason Jessee, Tony Hawk, Jeff Phillips,
Kevin Staab, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero and so on… They are all in the
documentary. They were pop stars, making thousends of dollars. But Gator
was the biggest. He hang out with people like Cindy Crawford, Micheal
Hutchence and other celebs. He was the skatergod. But he became his own
gimmick after some time.

In that period skateboarding came into the 90’s and street skating became
the new thing. Goodbye to vert skateboard hero’s of the 80’s. Gator didn’t fit
in the new evolution period of skateboarding, and got really into drinking and
shit. He is now in jail since 1991, and he will be there till 2022. In the meantime
he will be dreaming and thinking were did I take the wrong boardslide.

On the picture above you see me wearing a Gator beanie on my head back in
1988 at the Energiehal, Rotterdam (and that hair, laughter). But icons through
time will always change.

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  1. Gyz
    Posted August 17, 2005 at 11:37 am | Permalink

    I had this dream about Hosoi. That he was the new
    team rider of Powell Peralta in the Bones Brigade
    period. So Stacy Peralta made a new AD for in the
    skateboardmagazines, showing Hosoi as their new
    member. Beautifully done typography and all that.
    In the same AD the Powell Corp. showed two new
    European riders which were ‘discovered’ by Stacy
    himself. It was Mike de Geus and me (haha). There
    was a foto of us together, in the same AD with
    Hosoi.. Tsjeee.. (Still a boys dream..) But Mike
    de Geus really was a team member of the Bones